5 Reasons Why Are Uniform Jersey So Important for Your Team

5 Reasons Why Are Uniform Jersey So Important for Your Team

custom.com.hk - In sports, we have so many kinds of them. There are individual, tandem, and team sports. In this case, we will give you some examples: football, tennis, baseball, volley ball, racing and so on. Do you know what they have in common? Yes, it is their uniform. You will know a team name, players’ names by looking at the uniform they wear.

Initially, in baseball, first uniform was worn by New York Knickerbockers when they took the field on April 4, 1849. Then, the other teams followed their step. Now, you cannot find any baseball team play without their uniform. It is not only in baseball, other sports like football, volleyball, and softball, wear uniforms when they are playing. The coaches also wear it. Sports aside, it means a big business in team apparel and merchandise, where fans are eager to get them.

But, what are the main reasons of wearing team uniforms? Why were they made and why they are considered to be so crucial today? We will elaborate the significance of uniforms for teams and fans.

5 Reasons You Need To Know Why Uniform Jersey Are So Important

1. Uniform jersey shows your identity

This is the primary and the most basic reason to wear a team uniform for all teams. Through team uniform, we can identify which players are in action, their names; differentiating what teams are playing in a game. The next, the uniform color must be in contrast. You can’t wear the same uniform color as your opponent. Clearly, it will confuse your teammate, fans, and also the opponent. So, all of the teams must have first, second or even third jersey to anticipate the problem. For the fans, it will help them to root for their favorite team.

2. It grows a club unity

When we wear the same socks, caps, shorts or shirts, we will feel as a part of the group. Thus, it will motivate us to gain success. It also creates solidarity between team and fans. It is important for players hearing fans chant. It boosts morale when they lose, and motivates players even further, like winning the game on a bigger score.

3. Uniform jersey is symbol of equality

If you are a team player, you will realize that every part of the team has their own role. From top players, substitutes, coach, and coach assistant are responsible for their job. Wearing uniform will create sense of belonging and equality among them. This is very important to conquer your opponent as a team. In team work, equality will be a good aid to win the game.

4. It is quite important for team mutual growth

In wearing uniform, people will care for their friend and colleagues more than ever. You could see this occur in public places or public transportation. They are likely helping the one with the same uniform as theirs.  You can also promote the company brand through uniform. The mobile advertisement will be easier to remember than a static one. The increasing popularity will influence the company revenue. In the end, the worker will be more prosperous.

5. Uniform as Perks

Uniform is also considered to be a pride and honor, especially in popular and high-profile organizations. Uniform also creates efficiency because the personnel or member will not waste their time in choosing the right suit, repeatedly. It saves a lot of energy, time and money.


For all those reasons, team uniforms, colors, and logos are very vital on and off the field. Through uniform, fans express their love, support and loyalty to a sports team. Players show their dedication and commitment to other players and loyalty to the club. In organizations, it is used as mobile ad, creates bound among the personnel, and saves expenses,.