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Baby Jumper

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baby jumper

All things about children is always fun, especially When talking about the fashion child. We provide print services baby jumpers with your own design, a very quick process, cotton fabric is suitable for babies and great print quality because it is done with advanced machine.

Speaking of price need not worry because we offer at a very affordable price. Bookings can be made by coming to our place or online. Want to order one or more could be because we were without a minimum order. What are you waiting for? order and immediately put on baby jumper your creations.

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Price List

NeoPigment Non-White NeoPigment + White Rubber Embroidery
$119 $129 $129 $189

Size Chart

Baby Jumper

A x B cm
4 - 823 x 36 cm
9 - 1225 x 41 cm
18 - 2426 x 45 cm

size available
We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.
baby jumper

Baby Jumper
Baby jumper also called a baby or infant bodysuit is clothing designed to be worn by children infants such as T-shirts, which distinguish the shape of baby jumper with baby T-shirt is, baby jumper longer below the waist, with buttons or Velcro can be closed crotch section. The purpose of the buttons in the crotch of a baby jumper is to make it easier to change diapers. Such as T-shirt, baby jumper comes in a variety of designs and can be worn as daily wear.

Jenis Tinta

Differences Neopigment non White, Neopigment+White and Rubber+White

Difference transparent file and non transparent

transparent example

Print Area

area print For printing t-shirt we used special machine which is already in rectangle shape, with size A5 landscape and portrait A5(14,8 x 21 cm)) dan A5 landscape (21 cm x 14,8 cm ), So the printing areas should be part of that can go into the part of print area (only front area and back area). However, it is possible for customers who have creative ideas to give an image in the arm, elbow, shoulder area and many others, could consulted and discuss with us. With our full-print facility too customer could have t-shirt / dress the whole printed, not only on the standard part that have been mentioned. About our facility full-print t-shirt can click here.

Production Time

In accordance with our vision become the faster as printing service provider T-shirts, we provide services SAME DAY SERVICE, the END and TRANSMITTED / CAN BE TAKEN same day ( in condition order must be place around 14.00 WIB ), for the production of normaly 1-3 working days depend at the level of our production.
Note : To complete our order process, customer should check again our availability stocks, compatibility of the design and ready for print design.

Delivery Process?

Delivery shipment done by JNE, or pick up in our office. In addition of our service, delivery cost will be charged to customer. Especially for resellers who want to entrust the shipment, we provide facilities dropship, we will replace the sender`s name with the name of the reseller. (But make sure you are already be member, and fill in the information in the column order that delivery items as dropship shipment).