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Canvas Tote Bag

One Day Service Available

2-4 Days Production Time

Dropship Available

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print canvas tote bag

Now canvas tote bag is a must for you the one with eco - minded but still have to look fashionable and trendy. Wearing canvas tote bag will reduce the use of plastic is bad for the environment.

Wants to put the quote, caricature figure, slogan or maybe you have your own idea that would you like to add to your canvas tote bag? We serve whatever you need to create a unique your canvas tote bag. Cheaper, good quality, fast and you can order even one pcs only.

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Canvas Tote Bag

print canvas bag
Size NeoPigment Non-White
canvas bag
canvas bag
print canvas tote bag

Tote bag is one of category of bags. Used to carry books, equipment and other. In other definition, tote bag can be used to carry anything. Because it is often used for various purposes, the tote bag is usually made from a strong material such as canvas, nylon and other materials. Actually tote bag is one of the kind of bag which is open on the top. And also the size can be large, medium and small with an extra handle on top. The most common type of tote bag material is a canvas. Strong canvas material is known and can be used to carry the groceries and other necessities.

1. NeoPigment Non-White

color model

Color Accuracy

Colors change during drying (heat) and file conversion (from RGB to CMYK). If color accuracy is important to your order, please order a sample to see how it looks before mass production. Send the file with CMYK to get the most accurate color printing.

Which design is good for printed?

Make sure your design with the color of the t-shirt is workable (e.g. yellow t-shirt with design of the sun is not suitable). We only accept PNG and JPEG files. The minimum of resolution is 500 x 500 pixels for A4 and 1000 x 1000 pixels for A3.

We are not responsible for the bad printing due to the low resolution of the image provided to us. Please make sure the size of your image is the same as the size you want to print on the shirt.

Production Time

On condition that our stock contains the ordered shirts, print t-shirt can be ready within 2-4 working days (only applicable for neopigment digital printing). For rubber, silver/gold and embroidery, it usually talks 7-12 working days.

Delivery Process?

The delivery method we provide include:

  • Pick up at our office (HK$0/kg)
  • Send to home address via Post Office (HK$30/kg)
  • Pick up at Post Office (HK$10/kg)
  • Send to office address via SF Express (HK$25/kg)
  • SF Express 711 pick up (HK$15/kg)
  • Go Go Van

Member can enjoy dropship service, please put in the sender and recipient’s name and contact details in your order.