7 Baby & Kids Accessories You Didn't Know That You Need Them

7 Baby & Kids Accessories You Didn't Know That You Need Them

7 Baby & Kids Accessories You Didn't Know That You Need Them

custom.com.hk - A baby (babies) completes a happy family. We do agree with it. Normally, after a couple got married, they will expect a baby to come. In Indonesia, it can be a big problem if they can’t have a baby in the following year. Next, when we have growing kids, it is always fun when it comes the time to buy their suits and accessories. We can wear them any outfits we want and expect no complain from them (evil grin).

But, do you know some more accessories that they need? Let us tell you on the following lines. Just in case you didn’t know them. Here they are!

Baby & kids accessories you thought you do not need them

1. Bow Tie Bib

A bow tie bib is always fascinating for baby boys. The formal impressions which come from the design, mixed with some cute cartoon character make them so unique. Furthermore, you can create your own cute bow tie from shirts or T-shirt. All you need is just a little creativity and sewing them together in a simple design. As they are classic accessories, please take note to detail.

2. Black Sunglasses or, dark sunglasses

Both are cool for baby, baby boy especially. Sunglasses are for all sexes, we knew it. But the trend now, as celebrities create it, it is more popular for boys. We take one example, not-so-long ago; Tori Roloff shared an Instagram photo of her baby boy. She dressed him up wearing dark sunglasses. The follower’s reaction is just “Wow, your kid is so cool”. Yet, he didn’t smile, and to be honest he didn’t care either. See?

3. Baby Bow Tie

A little more formal, or lively birthday party, you can trust bow tie for those occasion. Your collection of bow ties will improve your baby tidiness for wedding ceremony or anniversary dinners with the whole family.

4. Baby Nautical Suspenders

It’s functioned to keep pants from falling off or just brighten up the outfit with some delightful suspenders. In just a second, you can change your boy’s dull look to a chic one.

5. Baby Barefoot Sandals

For your information, baby barefoot sandals are more gorgeous if we complement them with petite baby feet. Although, we have to admit that they are in all sizes. Mix and match them with the proper outfit is quite challenging.

6. Baby Bandana Bib

It is made to overcome baby drooling, which is annoying for some. Now, some people also consider it as accessory. We mean in term of fashion, the design is livelier, and Baby Bandana Bib is made with both masculine and feminine motifs.

7. Hyphen Name

It is a trend which exploded recently. Telegraph states its analysis, that the latest official baby name statistics shows an increase using hyphen name. Hyphen names such as García-Huidobro, Cruz-Coke. For example, Luciano Cruz-Coke Carvallo, are having their time. In fact, the number of hyphen names, whether Christian names or not, is increasing four and a half times since the early 2000’s.

Now, after these short explanations, you have realized that baby and kids need some more accessories than you usually know. You don’t need to buy them. Instead, you can make them by yourself. First, you will have limited design, recycle some clothes and, more importantly, you can save your bucks!  As for the hyphen names, try to be more creative and look for the unique ones.