Travel Bag is not only Luggage and Backpack

Travel Bag is not only Luggage and Backpack - Bags, as we know, are really useful for us to keep our things safe. The use of bags came before the recorded history with the earliest bag being no more than lengths of animal skin. They were folded at the edges and secured the shape with the strings. They allow people to gather berries, food grains and to transport more stuff.

We will specifically discuss about travel bag types, exclude luggage and backpack. Some say they are travel pack, rucksack. Okay, whatever you call them, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Travel bags are specialized bags for travelling, adventure and most popular with backpackers. Travel bags offer a good fit due to their wide use of straps, web and also frames.

We have compiled some types of bag for you to choose

  1. The Briefcase. It has hard sides which keep your important stuff and give professional impression.
  2. The Backpack (Rolling and Unrolling). We can walk up stairs without having to drag it up the steps. A backpack shares even weight on both shoulders. We need no hands to carry it. For the rolling backpack, the advantage is, it can adapt to stair flights by using shoulder and waist straps and allow you to carry your items on your back.
  3. The Duffel Bag (Rolling and Unrolling). It has the largest middle compartment of almost any wearable luggage. They are flexible and some bags can fit into above compartment with ease, from small up to middle size. With The Rolling Duffel Bag, you can carry large, unusually shaped tools easily. It is almost the same as regular duffel bags plus the rolling
  4. The Travel Tote. It is the most fashionable and easy to carry. Enough space to put electronics, a travel tote has an extra advantage of wheels or shoulder straps. So, you don’t need to carry it all the time.
  5. The Designer Luggage. Exclusive products, they can be suitcases, totes, with added fashionable touch from top designers. The additional benefit, you may get warranty for selected items.
  6. The Messenger Bag. You can wear the messenger bags easily with a long strap and they give you more safety.
  7. The Travel Laptop Case. The good one will have at least one compartment to keep a charger in. They are like rolling suitcases made specifically for each size of laptops.
  8. It is perfect for the travelers who are moving in or going away for an indefinite time. A trunk is probably one of the oldest forms of travel bags.
  9. Carpet Bag. The best pick for you who are traveling for a short time. A carpet bag is made out of carpet. These days, you'll get replicas of carpet bags or bags made from fabric which look like the original. It's similar to a tote in functionality and is quite a unique accessory.
  10. Suitcase (wheeled or un-wheeled). It fit travelers on a vacation, or ging away at least 3 days and bring their kids. It can fit in almost anything (remember, almost). It has, at least, three up to six compartments. These compartments are best used for storing items that can be compressed. The Rolling Suitcase is a good choice for shopping as you don’t have to carry the weight by yourself; Just roll it along using the retractable handle.

Travel bags have various types. All you need is choose the best one based on your need. I suggest, you have some of them, because you have to fit them with your destination, people’s number and journey’s period. Have a happy journey!