How to Find Cheap T Shirt Printing In This Super Expensive Era

How to Find Cheap T Shirt Printing In This Super Expensive Era

There are three ways how to find cheap t shirt printing these days. They are by using some programs on your computer, without digital printing method and researching the prices of the printing services. We have an opportunity to share this useful guide for you who want to get cheap or affordable t shirt printing services. We know the trend of printed t shirt has been spreading out since several years ago. It is now the trend of 2016 to wear printed t shirt with our photos or artwork. This global era is very expensive for low-budgeted t shirt owners. So, here are some methods which you can do to t shirt printing services.


Using Free Programs

The best way how to find cheap t shirt printing is by printing the designs by ourselves. In other words, we will do DIY method to print the artwork or design from our printer. There are many programs which are free-to-download now like Photoshop to provide us with its design graphic features. Thus, we can create our own artwork without worrying about the copyright or royalty for other designs which we can found on the internet. For example, you create your own designs and then print it on your own t shirt. No one will care about your designs for sure because it is your own product, right?


How to Find Cheap T shirt printing: Photoshop Issue

The newest issue pops out recently and this is regarding on our way how to find cheap t shirt printing above. The Photoshop CS5 has been launched without the Screens Button anymore. This will be a big issue for t shirt screen printing business for sure. Without this feature, we cannot separate the color of our designs or images. Meanwhile, screen printing requires us to separate the colors in order to be able to be printed onto the garments. It is very obvious that we have to leave the display or screen printing anymore. With the popularity of digital printing machine, the products should be more expensive rather than screen printing products.


Traditional Printing is better

Find a printing company which offers screen or transfer printing. This could answer how to find cheap t shirt printing. Because of the issue above, it is such kind of rareness to find screen or transfer printing these days. Many of traditional t shirt printing service converted into digital print machine. But, it does not mean there is no traditional printing anymore in this world. Mostly, the traditional services are still available in home businesses. That is your main target service for sure. For your information, both traditional methods exist since 2000 years ago until now.


Browsing Internet

There are many sites for you ofhow to find cheap t shirt printingcompanies which are still using contemporary gear. The best approach that you can do is by browsing through search engine on the internet. With some clicks on the internet, you will have some lists of the t shirt printing services and their methods. We are sure that they still use screen and transfer printing methods for their services. However, the quality might not be the same with bigger companies obviously. You have to understand this. We got cheap prices but also average quality. It will be win-win solution for both of you.


Contacting the Companies

The last step of how to find cheap t shirt printing service on your area is by contacting them one by one. After you have the lists from the internet, now it is the turn of asking the prices. In other words, you are researching the best t shirt printing around your area. This is your right to find the best service that you want in this case the cheaper one and best quality. As we said earlier, digital printing services offer expensive prices. It would be cheaper if you find a company which is still using traditional printing method. The result may be lower but the cheaper price is guaranteed.



Last but not least, having your own design graphics or images could be better. Then, you can directly ask the third-party company to transfer the image onto the shirts. That is the fastest way we got so far. We think we should finish this guide of how to find cheap t shirt printing now.