DIY T Shirt Printing Business from Home into Company in 5 Easy Steps

DIY T Shirt Printing Business from Home into Company in 5 Easy Steps

Having DIY t shirt printing business from home might give so much fun if you start it from the beginning. In this modern era, people love to start DIY home business because the profits are directly coming into their savings. In other words, it becomes a huge strategy in the future. In this special post, we have five steps that are very useful to you who want to conduct t shirt printing business these days. T shirt printing is now trending. People want to express their creativity into a shirt which they wear every day. You will see how profitable DIY t shirt printing businessfor youth.


DIY T Shirt Printing Business: Plan

There is no big or huge project without a plan including DIY t shirt printing business. When you start to sell your t shirts, it won’t be beneficial if you do not have a plan. By making a plan, you will know your starting budget and how much you want to get from the budget. This plan must be also solid. In other words, it won’t change in a short time. It is important because you can establish the income and outcome of your business. Moreover, you have to purchase the printing machine and other costs for your operational business. The formula is like this, the higher your plan, the smaller the budget.



This is the most difficult step to be done for DIY t shirt printing business. You have to identify your products as a brand. Brand here refers the identity, uniqueness and characteristic of your t shirts including the materials, quality and artwork. What you are going to do is just getting a lot of attraction from the people or customers. Of course, it will be easier if you have goal and plan before. After getting the brand of yourself, people will see the image of your brand as a whole. Focus on one character first then it may be developed onto others.


Your Own Graphics or Artwork

Copyright is important in DIY t shirt printing business. You can just take a graphics or artwork carelessly from internet because it is not yours. The best way to get the copyright is by creating your own graphics. It is easy if you have drawing skills and lot of creativity. You just find what is happening or trending now and create with your own style. If you cannot do that, hiring designers or freelancers in artwork segment is the best alternative way. In this case, you have to find someone who suits with your idea and brand. Of course, it would be harder if you do not have branding or something unique on your products. You may give royalty to the creators if you have no budget to hire someone.


Know the Market

Because of the DIY t shirt printing business popularity, this business has been spreading out in the entire world. It means that you have many competitors in the same segment with your business. You have to know this before coming inside to the market. Keep an eye to your competitors and follow the trend as long as you can. Sometimes, your competitors will do everything to get your loyal customers like giving discounts or lowering the prices. You must know when this is happened for sure. So, you can lower the price too with cheaper materials, ink, etc. You should have good creativity too to defeat your competitors.


Blank T Shirt Provider

The last step is by getting blank t shirt provider. It means that you have unlimited blank t shirt which should be printed with your own images or graphics. Moreover, you can treat them as your subscribers. You export the product monthly, weekly or yearly into the same provider. It will be more beneficial for you because you are building trust with them. When you can print it by yourself, you just need the blank t shirt, right? If you cannot provide huge productions, of course you need a printing company to handle your productions. But, the project is still under your brand by the way. Thus, you are like the third-party here. We are in the end of this article of DIY t shirt printing business steps by steps from home into company.