T Shirt Printing Methods for Home and Company Manufacturers

T Shirt Printing Methods for Home and Company Manufacturers


We provide T shirt printing methods which help you to understand how to print in t shirt. For your information, this kind of projects is now happening especially in youngster. They love to wear printed T shirt for their daily activities. Usually, they placed their photos or logos on their clothing. It is their way to show off their personality and style these days. With the developing technologies, there are lot of methods and techniques for printing t shirt. Some of them will be explained below from time to time. There many innovations and improvements of T shirt printing method so far.

T Shirt Printing Methods Screen Printing

Actually, there are many T shirt printing methods butsome manufacturers love to use screen printing method. For your information, this is the most common form of all printed T shirt these days. Moreover, the design is separated with its colors and even the color themselves in screen printing. The layering technique is the way to color these kinds of garment or fabrics. The layer consists of water based inks and it is placed in particular position. The colors are divided into five ink colors. Those are major colors like white, red, blue, green, gold and black. This method is very useful when you want to color limited-design-color.


T Shirt Printing MethodsInks

Inks as T shirt printing methods are quite old these days. There are only a few companies which still use water-based ink today. But, it does not mean the quality of ink methods offer bad-quality products. They leave this method because it is not practical anymore in this modern era. Dominantly, T shirt printing companies use plastisol. This is another kind of color which does not need any adjustment in printing varying designs with varying colors too. Moreover, the price of plastisol is cheaper than the normal inks. Perhaps, that is the most factors why they do not use ink method anymore now.


T Shirt Printing MethodsDye Sublimation

This is the best method than other T shirt printing methods if your goal is to print out full-color designs or images. However, the T shirt should have lighter color like white or yellow. This is the best because the result is very high-quality and detail. The only weakness of this method is because it offers expensive budget than others. Moreover, this method also cannot to be used in particular fabrics like natural fabrics. The best material with this method is polyester. Many customers believe that the product with this method does not give any feel for the design and it becomes the best advantages, right?


Computerized Printing

The next method could be the modern T shirt printing methods. Yes, computerized printing means that everything is done by computer. This method is better to print some detail designs that cannot be handled by other methods. Moreover, it is also the best to handle multi-color printing. Computerized printing provides easy customized designs. Some techniques such as cad cut vinyl are integrated with this method for sure. But, it is only suitable for small quantities project by the way. For your information, this method works with a machine to print or cut the designs. You can imagine how detail it is in cutting solid color vinyl, right? Then, the heating process is necessary to press the vinyl and the fabrics. In other words, we transfer the heat in order to print out the designs onto garments. That is why it is beneficial for small quantities project because this method can work in details and efficient. The result is also durable and high-quality image. Another benefit is that the customers can customize their own designs freely and faster.


T Shirt Printing Methods Direct Printing

This is the last one of our T shirt printing methods for today. The best part is that this method can be done at our homes. It means we can DIY printing T shirt directly. However, this method uses some ink variants. Furthermore, you need to apply these inks by your hand in order to position the designs correctly and accurately. Yeah, it is handier than other printing methods above because it has no heavy feel like other methods. Moreover, it does not cover large area on your garments. It will be harder if you have brighter garment color than the designs. That is all of our T shirt printing methods and hopefully you can enjoy it.