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surfing pants

Want surf pants full print with your favorite design, process is fast and very affordable prices? Order your surf pants to our place. Apply your own design, with undoubtprint quality.

You can order without any minimum order. Upload your designs and we will process printing quickly. Surf pants favorite design will be sent to your place and can be used for daily activities.

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Pants - women FullPrint

S35 x 30 cm
M41 x 33 cm
L47 x 37 cm
XL53 x 41 cm

Women's Pants

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大小 價錢
請勿更改預設的檔案大小, 可引致印花大小不正確, Custom HK 不會補印.
Women's Pants
S (35 x 30 cm)
M (41 x 33 cm)
L (47 x 37 cm)
XL (53 x 41 cm)
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Sthenolid made of 62 % cotton ( 5 per cent of which is organic ) , 34 % polyester and 4 % spandex.

布料規格 :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and solid
  • Color glazed
  • Texture soft and slippery


  • 對於全身印花訂單,你須要下載尺碼旁邊的列表中的圖案(確保下載我們最新圖案)
  • 利用photoshop,你可將你的圖片放在我們提供的圖案之中
  • 檔案存為 .jpeg格式,將之上載至你的dropbox 帳戶
  • 按一下Order Now 繼續訂購程序
  • 檔案相對大,所以你需要利用photoshop和dropbox將圖案的檔案傳送給我們
  • 如有任何查詢,可致電(+852)3706-8826或電郵至
  • 請勿更改預設的檔案大小, 可引致印花大小不正確, Custom HK 不會補印.

Mockup / Preview Full Print

    Perhaps you have difficulty making a full print preview product both for reseller and order purposes, in this section we make it easy for members to be able to make a preview easily.

    Note: We only provide general steps to using a mock-up, for better results please experiment with our mockup.

    How to use the mockup :
  • Download mock up with PSD (Photoshop)
  • Open File mock up with Photoshop application on your desktop.
  • Insert your image layer design that reads "design here"
  • Click File-save for web and devices-select the JPEG-Done
  • You have finished creating mockup.
  • Women Pants
    Pants Depan
    Pants Belakang