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Taylor Swift! Who didn`t know? And of course, we know the signature looks this phenomenal artist. Mini Skirt! She is so hot with mini Skirt. In the Beginning the mini skirt became one extraordinary fashion item. And did you know the slogan of Mini Skirt? "Wear it If you dare!"

So what are you waiting for? And of course, here you can get a Mini Skirt as you like. Want the exact same as used Taylor swift. No problem. Or even you have an idea for your own mini skirt? Please order here. No minimum order, the process is fast and quality guaranteed.

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大小Aglatex材質Bowden材質Material of ValledoSturedo材質Material of Cavalli
S(76 x 45 cm)$202$163$178$178$208
M(81 x 45 cm)$202$163$178$178$208
L(86 x 45 cm)$202$163$178$178$208
XL(91 x 45 cm)$202$163$178$178$208
大小Measurement (waist size x length)
S76 x 45 cm
M81 x 45 cm
L86 x 45 cm
XL91 x 45 cm
請勿更改預設的檔案大小, 可引致印花大小不正確, Custom HK 不會補印.
tutorial fullprint



The combination of polyester, nylon and spandex with polyester material domination

布料規格 :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and look formal
  • Color glazed
  • Texture soft and slippery


100% polyester, because of the unique texture so that the texture is soft to the touch.

布料規格 :
  • Thin and transparent
  • Limp and follow the shape of body
  • The result is matte
  • The texture is coarse and slippery


100% polyester and looks elegant

布料規格 :
  • Thick and not transparent
  • Stiff and follow the shape of body
  • Matte and elegant
  • Texture soft and slippery

Sturedo (Shantung silk)

Shantung silk has some advantages , such as stain-resistant material, but it is also durable material . But it should be more careful when washing.

布料規格 :
  • Rather thick and not transparent
  • Stiff and not follow the shape of body
  • Color glazed
  • The texture is coarse and slippery


Cavali物料不如天鵝絨光滑,表面比較粗糙,像磨砂。因此,不會有太過於豪華和優雅的感覺。 Cavali材料比天鵝絨更厚,看起來幾乎與天鵝絨相同,不過若用雙手感受,就會立刻發現不同。與天鵝絨相比,Cavali物料的價格比較貴。 Cavali材料更比天鵝絨柔軟光滑。不過,不要因價格而選擇Cavali因為這類材料的價格比較昂貴。

How to Order

  • 對於全身印花訂單,你須要下載尺碼旁邊的列表中的圖案(確保下載我們最新圖案)
  • 利用photoshop,你可將你的圖片放在我們提供的圖案之中
  • 檔案存為 .jpeg格式,將之上載至你的dropbox 帳戶
  • 按一下Order Now 繼續訂購程序
  • 檔案相對大,所以你需要利用photoshop和dropbox將圖案的檔案傳送給我們
  • 如有任何查詢,可致電(+852)3706-8826或電郵至
  • 請勿更改預設的檔案大小, 可引致印花大小不正確, Custom HK 不會補印.

Mockup / Preview Full Print

    Perhaps you have difficulty making a full print preview product both for reseller and order purposes, in this section we make it easy for members to be able to make a preview easily.

    Note: We only provide general steps to using a mock-up, for better results please experiment with our mockup.

    How to use the mockup :
  • Download mock up with PSD (Photoshop)
  • Open File mock up with Photoshop application on your desktop.
  • Insert your image layer design that reads "design here"
  • Click File-save for web and devices-select the JPEG-Done
  • You have finished creating mockup.
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    Mini Skirt