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Tips for Choosing the Right Sticker Printing Size

posted by demo on September 19, 2016

Sticker printing size is available in a variety of options and people will choose depending on their need. When the custom label artwork is being done, you may not know what right size sticker to be used for your product. For that reason, there are some tips that may be useful to help you finding the right stickers and its size. Once you already understand what sizes that are usually offered by the service, you will be able to choose the shape and size right away since they want to know about the size of cutting sticker you need.

Tips to Get the Right Stickers’ Size

  • Dimensions. When you want to rely on a sticker printing service for having an order, they will surely ask you for what shape and size that you need. It is a big deal for you who never have experience in ordering labels previously; you may be stuck because you do not know yourself what cutting sticker size you need most. That is why it is important to at least know the dimensions that will work for your product since sticker service has no standard sizes to offer, so you will rely on the dimensions instead by letting them know about it.
  • Measurement. Dimensions for the right sticker are already details, but it does not always work, so for another way to try here, you can have a tape measure or ruler to do the measurement to get the size of stickers. The actual area of the project can be measured no matter it is an electronic component, jar, car bumper, folder, bottle, or even a box to have the right size of your cutting sticker. In case you already have the rough artwork and finished logo on your PC, it can be printed. Then, the sticker printing can be cut to be tried out on the product.
  • Adjustment and Trimming. It is alright to trim and adjust until you really get what you want about the stickers’ size and shape. But once you have finished with that work, the paper should be measured so that the dimensions can really be got in detail. Usually, the service will offer a quote for the closest standard size of the cutting sticker so the cost can be kept down.

A sticker printing service will always help you no matter what size you need, but at least you have to know the estimation of size to inform them. Or else, just in case you need the sticker to fit into a formed spot or there are any shape or size limitations, you may also send the pieces to custom in shape into your product.