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DieCut Sticker


DieCut Sticker

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Minimum Order HK $50
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DieCut Sticker

The Exact Way You Want it: Customize Die Cut Sticker
Need some awesome die cut sticker to give away for your next event, or make an impressive branding by giving your fans a die cut sticker? Now you can customize with us, any shape, any size!
Product Overview

  • Printed with eco-friendly ink, durable for usage purpose.
  • Available lamination options: Glossy & Matte.
  • Deliver in die cut, if you need kiss cut please click Packaging Sticker
  • Waterproof.
  • Low Minimum: $50 HKD only per design.
  • A.I. file needed for special cutting. Please place order and email us separately to with file name as order number (e.g. D02345 AI file)
  • Bulk discount available. Please contact directly to +852-37068826 with orders above $2,000 HKD

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Price List

Lamination Price Minimum Order
Matte 0.06/ cm2 HK $50
Glossy 0.06/ cm2 HK $50


Lamination Width Length Qty Total

Difference Lamination Glossy and Matte/Doff

doff and glossy

Glossy lamination, giving the effect of a shiny surface, the color stickers brighter and look more lighter. If sticker seen from another angles will look shiny of the laminate, there are some products that require results of this shiny surface and some unnecessary.

Matte/Doff Lamination, giving the effect of not shiny surface, the color will be more soft. If stickers sticker seen from another angle will not be shiny at all.

File Size?

Existing design file must be in digital format, then size file should be 100% same as order. We will print based on your order.

Types of File?

For sticker die cut , better use PNG file with transparent background, the shape of sticker will make based on the file you uploaded. If the file you send in JPEG format so the colors of the background will be printed. And the shape of sticker will be in square shape.

Difference Size

We will print the sticker based on the uploaded files. If there is any difference of size, we will use one of the longest size as a reference to produce images comparable.

Resolution File?

picture resolution

What is definition of resolution file?? Resolution files are usually called DPI (Dots per Inch) or PPI (Pixels per inch). Which is the number of dots in an image. If the number of dots in one of the pictures a lot, then it will get better results. For the best result of print so the file for print minimum print file has a resolution of 150-300 dpi maximum file print is 2MB. If the image you want to print is not based on standard resolution, then the result will be less a good or blur. We accept files in JPEG or PNG. We do not edit the picture again, we will print a sticker in accordance with the file submitted.


cmyk and rgb color

Color image file being sent should be as CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black). If the images are sent to other color formats such as RGB (Red Green Blue), we will process it by changing the color format into a CMYK form. Color settings from RGB to CMYK which makes the result of a different color. Normally RGB colors are used for the color on the monitor screen while the CMYK used in printing results.