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How to Stick the Mobile Phone Cover Stickers by Yourself

posted by demo on September 19, 2016

Besides done by skilled hands, nowadays the market is flooded by a simple mobile phone sticker with cutting that allows user to stick themselves. It may sound easy but you should not be too hasty, because there are still some steps that you need to consider to optimize the installation process on a mobile phone sticker.

If you want to attach the mobile phone sticker yourself, you should prepare the following steps:

  • First of all, prepare the mobile phone sticker of your choice. Make sure you like the design and the size fits according to your mobile phone. In preparation, clean all phone surface from different oil and dust that may be stuck on the phone. Oil and dust can make the sticker less sticky and less durable.
  • After making sure the surface of the phone is clean properly, you now ready to stick the stickers. Remove the adhesive part and then paste it in place to the right position. Paste slowly, until all the sticker affixed to the part perfectly.
  • Once attached, try not to take off and re paste thestickers, because it could make the stcikers not as sticky and durable.
  • Sometimes air bubbles can happen under the stickers, to fix this you can use certain objects to press the stickers to the part of the mobile phone to get the air bubble slowly. If this method not working, you can use hairdryer set in medium to press out the air bubbles.
  • Attaching stickers to your mobile phone yourself is feasible but if you are not sure of your skills, it's better to let the experts do it. It’s simple and for the experts this only takes a few minutes.
  • A lot of people use stickers on their mobile to decorate and make them unique and different from the others. You can choose various designs and patterns that suits your character.

Another function of the mobile phone stickers is to act as an additional protective layer to your phone. Phone’s surface are prone to scratches, stains, food splattered, sweat and dust so using the stickers can protect the surface of your mobile phone.


Other Benefits Using Gadget Stickers

posted by demo on September 19, 2016

In addition to making the car look so much more personal, gadget stickers also has many benefits. Some of them can optimize mobile telecommunications functions and create a durable device.

In terms of appearance, gadget stickers are often used to decorate the gadgets. Colorful and cute pattern make the gadget look different from the others. It is very useful for those who want their gadget to look unique and different. Because so many similar gadgets flooding the market today, and it is not easy to differentiate if you do not do anything different with your gadget. So personalization obviously very necessary in the present era. But in addition to enhance the aesthetic function, it turns out gadget stickers also has other functions including making the gadget cooler.

Gadgets are synonymous with online capabilities, this make the battery and hardware often work hard resulting the batteries to be overly hot. A gadget sticker technology from Japan, some time ago introduced a solution to overcome this behavior. Tool called "Mobile Heat Sink" also can be used on PCs and tablets up to 2 degrees Celsius. According to the official release of this tool development company, Thanko, the to use this Mobile Heat Sink is as simple as sticking the sticker to your gadgets and can be use for two –weeks time. Unfortunately, apart from it’s function Thanko did not explain much about this simple tool with complex function. In Japan, this gadget stickers is sold at a price of 680 yen or about USD 6 only per item.

Not only cool, gadget stickers can also be used for the purpose of improving the function of telecommunication device or as a signal amplifier medium. This product has been readily available in the global market. To use of this gadget stickers is very easy, just stick them on the bottom of the battery. This tool uses ion and conduction technology to pull signals resonate. This section is then forwarded to the antenna in the phone. With gadget stickers, many ways to optimize the look and performance of the gadget. Pair it with patterned skin gadgets, your mobile device will have a different appearance and fashionable.