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Fullprint Tutorial

* Basically, all products fullprint have a similar way to using templates that are available, this tutorial teaches you how to use our template, this tutorial can be applied to all templates.
note : for this tutorial we are using adobe CS5

1. Open the template using photoshop.
tutorial fullprint 1
2. Fill the front, back and sleeves with white color using paint bucket tools, make sure your foreground is white color.
tutorial fullprint 2
3. Open up your design, drag it to the template. Place it to the area you want that design to be printed. Click on the pattern layer together with shift button to make selection.
tutorial fullprint 3
4. After the selection appears, click the design layer > select inverse (shift+ctrl+i) > press delete to erase all the design area outside the selection
tutorial fullprint 3
5. Repeat all the steps to fill the back and sleeves.
tutorial fullprint 5