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T Shirt Printing Ideas for Skiing Event in Winter Season

posted by demo on March 23, 2015

Winter holiday is almost arrived so a lot of people have started to prepare many kinds of event to do during the holiday season. One of the most exciting events is when you create a skiing event to be done in this winter season. But when you want to create skiing event, you also need to create a print t shirt with design that will represent the event so everyone can memorize the event forever.


How to create t shirt for skiing event

1. First you need to use T Shirt Printing Hongkong to create your t shirt. This company can create any kinds of custom t shirt with any design that you want so you can create your own skiing event t shirt.

2. Next choose the color of the t shirt that you want, since everyone will use it, then it would be better if you choose neutral color that everyone loves to wear such as red, blue, or white. This t shirt will be used for your inner wear inside your skiing gear so make sure that you choose the most comfortable material that Tshirt Printing Hongkong Company can give to you.

3. Now it is time to create the t shirt design you want to use for the print. You need to choose the name of the group to be added on the top part of the t shirt. If you go with your friends from school then just use your school name, if you go with your family then use your family name, or when you go with your neighborhood buddies then use your street name.

4. Next you need to choose the tshirt printing picture you want to use. You can use skiing graphic which you can easily find from the t shirt maker company template then place it on the middle of the t shirt. Or you can also use your school logo if you come with your school friends.

5. For the bottom of the t shirt you can write the event name and dates of the event. For example if you will go to Switzerland you can write Skiing event to Switzerland then place the dates under it, now you have ready to use the design for your t shirt printing. Make sure you have all names in list so you can create the t shirt with the right size for everyone.


Cheap T Shirt Printing Bulk Tips from the Experts that You Have to Know

posted by demo on June 6, 2016

To get cheap T shirt printing bulk, make them by yourself is the cheapest way because you can consider how many materials which you need, time management and many more. Of course, you need to make planning stages first before start your project. We have some expert tips which are very useful to be cheapest productions that you have ever made especially in printing service. Do not worry because we have collected those tips based on some experts in making T Shirt. They are very professional in this segment. Therefore, you just follow what they said and reach your goal easily.


Cheap T Shirt Printing Bulk: White Garments

White garments are the best material if you want to get cheap T shirt printing bulk. If you do not know what they are, they are kinds of cloth or dress in white colors. With this material, you will save the cost and the time at once. White garments have less setup and adjustment. Moreover, it does not need much ink in printing processes. The best part is about the prices which are the cheapest elements than other clothes or colors. You have to consider this material in the initial stages of printing T shirt obviously. White garments should be on your first list of plan.


Less Color Designs

The next trick to get cheap T shirt printing bulk is by using less color design. In other words, your design should consist of two or three tones only. Of course, it will be easy way for designers to make it less color, right? This does not mean have no reason. Less color design will make your printing costs cheaper than full color design. For your information, it does not even get any impact with the technique of printing that you use by the way. Many big productions have done the same to cut down the budget for printing processes. Why not you do the same?


Less Printing Positions

Another less thing which will make us obtained cheap T shirt printing bulk is by using less printing positions. Printing positions mean that the printing process does not take many movements. Most big manufacturers use the horizon printing only. This is the best way to make the ink affordable and the process will be faster. Actually, you can do this by using less color design too. By having less color, it will make the printer has less movements or positions either. Experts promise that the less position offers cheap printing process for your T shirt and it is be able to make in large production.


Back to Basic

By having less color design and less printing positions, it means that we are going to the basic printing processes of T shirt especially in bulk or large productions. Commonly, the T shirt has only one color design and it brings impact into one print position of the project. Moreover, the white garments offer more personal T shirt for the customers, right? Those kinds of processes are the basic ways of printing T shirt. If you want to know how basic your shirt is, just take a look on the some shirts which have less color design in the middle. It is one of the examples of basic printing of cheap T shirt printing bulk.


Screen Printing Technique

The fifth tip to gain cheap T shirt printing bulk is by using screen printing technique. If you have a bulk order or large space, the screen printing technique gives simpler things to do. The more orders you have, the fewer prices per unit you will get. This kind of formula works since long time ago. Some sellers will give you discount because you buy the materials in large numbers. Moreover, you and the sellers have been working together before. Obviously, this can be more beneficial than you though before.


Cheap T Shirt Printing Bulk Conclusion

After reading those all tips from the experts, you will get some enlightenments now, right? The tips start from the white materials until the screen printing technique. What you have to do just understands the entire tips and implement them into your projects. For your information, these tips are suitable for you who will conduct large or bulk productions. That is why we called as cheap T Shirt printing bulk after all.


Print T-Shirt Transfer Easy Steps with Your Own Home Stuff

posted by demo on June 20, 2016

If you want to know how to print T-shirt transfer, iron is the best media to do it. However, it needs some skills and steps that you need to understand firstly in applying transfer technique. Do not worry because it won’t take much time to read this entire post for better understanding later. Applying our own custom image or design onto our own T-shirt will be much fun than we have to use third-party services, right? You can create your own unique designs and make it commercially in the future. Moreover, you can make a gift for your loved one with this technique. Let us check how hard it is on the instructions below.


Print T-Shirt Transfer First Step

First of all, you have to find unique artwork to do print T-shirt transfer. For your information, it does not always find actually, you can create your own artworks or designs for your own sake. A tip when you are considering the image is choosing the colors. If your image has full of light color, please keep in your mind that the result is not as same as solid or dark color.


Print T-Shirt Transfer Coloring

Once again you need to determine the media to transfer the image to print T-shirt transfer. Meanwhile, home printer will ignore white ink. In other words, it does not print any white color with the ink. Therefore, light color might be ignored because your printer assumes it is just the background. The lighter colors will be treated as transparent if you keep using light colors on your images or designs. When you are ironing the images, the base color of the fabrics or garments is the background in this case. Solid or dark colors offer rich quality instead. You have to find the image with much dark color inside it. It would be contrasted with the fabric base color obviously.


Print T-Shirt Transfer Copyright

Another important thing which you have to consider to do print T-shirt transfer at your home is the copyright. Make sure you have the rights of the image or design especially when you want to start home-business with this printing T-shirt technique. If you just create it to use the shirt personally, but not commercially. Otherwise, making this as your home business requires cheap and high quality images or designs instead. Of course, it needs much effort and costs too. Keep everything legally. It is the correct formula for you as home-business owners.


Print T-Shirt Transfer Types

Now, it is the time for you to know the types of iron for this print T-shirt transfer. According to the transfer sheets, they are divided into light fabric and dark fabric. In the light fabrics, the iron is used to transfer light colors like white, yellow and others. For your information, the paper is fully transparent. Therefore, the background of your artwork and design would be following the fabrics’ color. For your information, the light color offers altered-color when you have transferred it. In other words, the color may be changed or different with the original design. Therefore, we recommend you to use medium to dark colors on your designs.On other hand, the dark fabric iron like black, dark blue or gray have thicker form rather than the light fabric iron. Moreover, it has also white backing. The function is to allow lighter color like white to be transferred onto fabrics. The failure may appear when you have white background of image. It will give impact to your image with some blurs within it. Once again, make sure you image correctly before doing this technique.


Print T-Shirt Transfer How to Do

Let us now to explain how to print T-shirt transfer. Once your image is ready, you can print the image into the iron on transfer paper. If you are using light fabric transfer sheets, you will have reverse version of the image. To make it properly, you can set your printer to be flip horizontally or just find the reverse version of the images. Meanwhile, the dark fabric transfer sheet does not have the same problem by the way. Now, how to trim and transfer it onto your T-shirt? It is very easy. You just need to place both of them on flat and hard surface. Then, set your iron into hottest temperature. Start to iron the design onto the fabrics with firm pressure. That is all of the print T-shirt transfer in very easy ways.


How to Find Cheap T Shirt Printing In This Super Expensive Era

posted by demo on June 27, 2016

There are three ways how to find cheap t shirt printing these days. They are by using some programs on your computer, without digital printing method and researching the prices of the printing services. We have an opportunity to share this useful guide for you who want to get cheap or affordable t shirt printing services. We know the trend of printed t shirt has been spreading out since several years ago. It is now the trend of 2016 to wear printed t shirt with our photos or artwork. This global era is very expensive for low-budgeted t shirt owners. So, here are some methods which you can do to t shirt printing services.


Using Free Programs

The best way how to find cheap t shirt printing is by printing the designs by ourselves. In other words, we will do DIY method to print the artwork or design from our printer. There are many programs which are free-to-download now like Photoshop to provide us with its design graphic features. Thus, we can create our own artwork without worrying about the copyright or royalty for other designs which we can found on the internet. For example, you create your own designs and then print it on your own t shirt. No one will care about your designs for sure because it is your own product, right?


How to Find Cheap T shirt printing: Photoshop Issue

The newest issue pops out recently and this is regarding on our way how to find cheap t shirt printing above. The Photoshop CS5 has been launched without the Screens Button anymore. This will be a big issue for t shirt screen printing business for sure. Without this feature, we cannot separate the color of our designs or images. Meanwhile, screen printing requires us to separate the colors in order to be able to be printed onto the garments. It is very obvious that we have to leave the display or screen printing anymore. With the popularity of digital printing machine, the products should be more expensive rather than screen printing products.


Traditional Printing is better

Find a printing company which offers screen or transfer printing. This could answer how to find cheap t shirt printing. Because of the issue above, it is such kind of rareness to find screen or transfer printing these days. Many of traditional t shirt printing service converted into digital print machine. But, it does not mean there is no traditional printing anymore in this world. Mostly, the traditional services are still available in home businesses. That is your main target service for sure. For your information, both traditional methods exist since 2000 years ago until now.


Browsing Internet

There are many sites for you ofhow to find cheap t shirt printingcompanies which are still using contemporary gear. The best approach that you can do is by browsing through search engine on the internet. With some clicks on the internet, you will have some lists of the t shirt printing services and their methods. We are sure that they still use screen and transfer printing methods for their services. However, the quality might not be the same with bigger companies obviously. You have to understand this. We got cheap prices but also average quality. It will be win-win solution for both of you.


Contacting the Companies

The last step of how to find cheap t shirt printing service on your area is by contacting them one by one. After you have the lists from the internet, now it is the turn of asking the prices. In other words, you are researching the best t shirt printing around your area. This is your right to find the best service that you want in this case the cheaper one and best quality. As we said earlier, digital printing services offer expensive prices. It would be cheaper if you find a company which is still using traditional printing method. The result may be lower but the cheaper price is guaranteed.



Last but not least, having your own design graphics or images could be better. Then, you can directly ask the third-party company to transfer the image onto the shirts. That is the fastest way we got so far. We think we should finish this guide of how to find cheap t shirt printing now.


Tips in Making Custom Tshirts for Kids

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

As kids still young, they love to play around with their friends, and some kids also pay attention on what they wear when they play. The reason is because they want to appear cool so they could really be the best. One of the best outfits that they could use is print t-shirt, as this t shirt has cool print on the front and maybe the back of the t shirt as well. Furthermore t shirt also the most comfortable outfit to wear when playing especially for kids. That is why this t shirt really the best choice for kids to wear.

Tips to make custom print tshirt for kids?

  1. Know your kids. Most kids love to play in outdoor area, which means they will run everywhere and might even play in dirt. They will roll around on the ground and mud, climb on the trees or any playground structure that they find. Raining is another favorite day to play outside even though you might prevent them to do so. Knowing this habit surely you does not want them to wear expensive and bright polo shirt which you bought for special occasion. But for kids they do not think any of that as all they want is to wear their favorite clothing. That is why print t-shirt could be favorite clothing that you could give to your kids to wear anytime without worry.
  2. Choose the color. The first thing that you should do is to choose the color of the t shirt. Of course you also need to ask to your kids what their favorite color is. Usually kids will choose bright color such as red, orange, blue or pink. But you should also think about all of the dirt that your kids will have on the print tshirt later on. That is why try to choose darker shade from your kid’s favorite color so the dirt and mud that might stain the t shirt would not be too visible and the t shirt could still be used for a long time.
  3. Choose the material. Next is to choose the material of the print t-shirt you want to make. Usually you will choose cotton material for your kids as this cotton is best to absorb sweat that your kids have when playing. However sometimes it is better to go with polyester material with 50/50 blend along with the cotton material. This blend will make the t shirt become more durable, especially for kids who love to play hard. Do not worries as the print tshirt still contains cotton material, then it will also able to absorb sweat as well.
  4. Picture. Now it is time to choose the picture you want to print on the print t-shirt surface. Usually kids have their favorite cartoon character, so you can try to make custom t shirt with their favorite character picture. Surely by using the character that they love it will make them love the t shirt as well. You can even try to ask your kid to choose which picture that they want to have in their new t shirt, that way they could choose which pose of their favorite character that they will have in the print tshirt.
  5. Drawing. Another alternative of printing that you could have on your kid t shirt is your own kid’s drawing. You can try to scan your kid’s drawing then have them printed on the surface of the print t-shirt that you make. That way the t shirt will become more personal and surely your kids will have more pride when wearing that as it has their own drawing on the surface of the t shirt.
  6. Name. Another way to make the print tshirt feel more personalize is to add your kid’s name to the t shirt. You can add it on the back part of the t shirt in a logo design so it will become cooler. If you have more than one kid at home, this is another thing that you could use to differentiate their t shirt.

Try to also put quotes on your custom print t-shirt since it is another way to make the t shirt more interesting. Moreover it will also be able to motivate your kids more.


Tips for Effective Marketing Using Print Tshirt

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

Marketing is a hard thing to do since you always need to do something new and different to promote your company or product. You must try to sell them to more customers to increase the sales. Of course are a lot of ways that you could do to promote your company and product, but using print t-shirt is a must way to use. The reason is because tshirt has a big exposure which you might not notice. Especially when they are wears everywhere surely more and more people will see your company and product which means they will notice it more.

Tips in Creating Print Tshirt for Promoting Purpose

  1. Put on question. If you want to promote a new product or company surely there are a lot of things that people want to ask about your new product. That is why you can use that question as part of your promotion, and people will be interested in reading the question as well as the answer on the print t-shirt. Try to keep the question simple and interesting then put the answer with the picture of your product to make it easy for people to notice your product more.
  2. Logo. For company surely you want everyone to know not only your company brand but also your company logo. That is why you need to put them in the print tshirt you make as one of the point your customer could see. But if you also want to promote your company product instead of the company itself. Then you can try to put the logo on the back of the t shirt or in smaller size so it will still be there to see but not overpowering the real product that you want to promote with your print t-shirt.
  3. Picture. Having picture in your print tshirt is a must as this is the best view point that will attract people to read your t shirt. Try to put a provoking picture of your company or if you want to promote a product then you should put picture of the product itself. Make sure your print the picture with the biggest size since it will be the center point of your promotion. Moreover cool picture is one of the reason why people willing to wear your print t-shirt so you must make sure that the picture is good enough to be wear by your customer.
  4. Contact or address. This is things that people always forgot when they creating promotional print tshirt even though it is very important. You want to get some feedback from people regarding the product or company that you make. People might also want to give you feedback regarding the print t-shirt you give them so be sure to insert your company contact or address. If you have email or phone number it is better to include them as well since it would be easier for people to contact you with it. Just put them on the corner of the print t-shirt in small size but with clear color so people will be easier to see it.
  5. Choose durable material. Usually promotional print tshirt is made using cheap material so it will tear and stain easier. This is a wrong move especially when the product you want to promote is a long lasting one. That is why you need to be careful when choosing the material so the material should always be durable. That way your customer will wear it again and again which means you will also get constant promotion from your print t-shirt. Furthermore the material should also be comfortable to wear so your customer would not be doubt to wear them often.
  6. Give the t shirt. After you have made the best marketing print tshirt, now it is time to give the t shirt. You can try to give them for free on an event when they come to your booth or you can also try to give them as bonus when a customer purchases your product for certain value. Another way is to give them as price for quiz or event that you make.

Do not afraid to give the promotional print t-shirt as it is a way for you to market your product and company.


The Best Guide to Order Ladies Print Tshirt

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

With print tshirt you can get a unique design that you cannot have from the stores meaning that it allows you to have entirely different garments than those in general stores. By order a custom tee shirt, you can design the clothes according to your taste and you can wear it anywhere for many events. If you have a plan to make one then we have the best guide to order ladies print t-shirt that surely will help you to pick the right tee shirt.

Ladies Print Tshirt Selection Ideas

Ordering print tshirt online seems complicated at first; however by following our guides, you can order the right tee shirt:

  1. Decide the right fit. There are two types of fits that you need to select before you order print t-shirt. First is loose tshirt and second is fitted shirt. What is the different between the two shirts? The loose shirt is cut similarly to men’s tee shirt or unisex but it will still fit your body because it has been cut proportionally according to women’s body while fitted shirt hug the waist and chest to create a fashion fit appearance. To decide which print tshirt is suitable for you then you need to think where you will use this tshirt for? Of course tshirt for daily activities and for special occasions will be different. How and where you will be wearing the tshirt will help you to pick the best one.
  2. Just pick the secret fit!. If you are not sure about picking the fitted print t-shirt since it looks too tight for you, however you also in doubt with the boxy style of loose tee shirt then you can try to order in-between fit! Meaning that you need to ask the vendor a fitted unisex shirt, easy right? This fitted unisex shirt does not too tight for your body since it is looser than the real loose shirt, but it still has a slim look especially in chest and shoulder parts thus make it more comfortable and a perfect choice for you!
  3. Do not forget your favorite color. Select the color of your print tshirt is an essential thing since you do not want the color of your tee shirt does not match with your mood or event. When you want to decide what kind of color you want to order then you need to consider several things. First, look into your wardrobe and ask yourself whether you have several clothes in that colors already and it is better to pick a color that you do not have yet and of course you really want to try the color. Second, ask again whether the color of the shirt will compliment your skin colors and eyes.
  4. The size is the most important. Selecting your size when you want to order print t-shirt is the most important and you should know your right size as well. There are various factors that you need to consider before choosing the size of tee shirt. First, when you decide to order unisex shirt, then it is better to choose the smaller sizes since this kind of tshirt made to fit men’s size. However, if you want to order fitted shirt then you need to pick your size accordingly.
  5. Create the design. Okay, this is the final guide for you when you want to order ladies print tshirt, the design. It is good to create a one of a kind design to make it looks unique and it allows your creativity by making different appearance. When you design a shirt, whether for yourself or for a gift, you need to believe your own aesthetic abilities since you need to create a design that totally match your personality and taste or your friend’s. After you sure with your design, you can send it to the vendor and consult plus ask them whether your design will looks good when printed on the tee shirt. If you cannot make your own design then you can ask vendor’s help to make it for you since many sellers usually offer design service as well.

Okay, that’s the guide to order ladies print t-shirt that you can follow to get the best one, enjoy!


10 Different Ways to Wear Your Print T-Shirt

posted by demo on July 18, 2016

Print t-shirt is timeless since you can wear it whenever and wherever, through time tshirt trend is never fade away and it looks even better if you know how to mix and match it with other clothes accessories. Indeed that tshirts have very simple design, but that’s the best advantages since you can match it easily with other accessories that complement each other. Both men and women love to wear a shirt, even some women like to wear her oversized boyfriend t-shirt.

Now, if you think your print tshirt fashion style is so plain and boring, we have some ideas to make you looks better when you want to wear a shirt. Whether you want to style yourself with t-shirt in summer or spring, below are 10 different ways to wear your print t-shirt.

Makeover Yourself with These Print T-shirt Fashion Style

Prepare yourself to explore the new fashion style with your print tshirt. Tshirts have so many designs but mix it with accessories will make it looks even better. Here’s you can try some simple styles for your daily activities:

  1. Tie it around your waist. Why not try to tie the print t-shirt around your waist? Many celebrities love to do it and so why you not?! It will looks good and nice tying the shirt around your waist, if you like funky fashion style then this is the one for you. The best thing about this trend is you can add this to any types of your casual appearances. For example, you can combine it with your leather jacket, jeans plus sneaker, or even heels. Not to mention this trend makes you look so swag.
  2. Skirts. This is one of the styles that look good during fashion week; you can wear a statement print tshirt along with a skirt. You can choose to combine it with mini skirt or full skirt to get different appearances each day. You can also match it with skirt from jeans.
  3. Blazer. If your print t-shirt has this edgy look then you can pair it with a blazer. This style will add sophisticated appearance in you. You can wear a long necklace and then wear the blazer or you can complete it with a nice pin. And anyway, a pair of blazer with plain t-shirt plus a skirt will be look so great as well.
  4. Vest. Vest is amazing garment that can be matched with any types of fashion styles including your print tshirt. You can wear different colors of vest on your shirt and then you can just ready for your hang out with beloved friends!
  5. Bomber jacket. Why not try this fashion style that most popular for men? You can also try to pair the tshirt with a bomber jacket and a converse. This is good if you want to hang out in chilly night.
  6. Statement necklace. If you like hip hop style then you can match the print t-shirt with a statement necklace. Add the bling around your neck will make you look gorgeous and ready for your party in the club.
  7. Short. This is a fashion style that matches best during summer when the warm weather came in. Especially when you travel somewhere, do not forget to pack your print tshirt along with the shorts.
  8. Boyfriend jeans. This is an item that can be worn in many ways and it can make you to look ladylike but still appears like a rock chic girl. The best way to style yourself with boyfriend jeans is to pair it with girly accessories plus shirts thus make it looks feminine.
  9. Leather jacket and legging. Pair the print t-shirt with leather jacket and leather legging. You can wear it to attend informal meeting since it will make you looks elegant.
  10. Denim shirt. If you are boring with your denim shirt then you can also match your simple printed tshirt under denim shirt. Do not forget to roll up the denim shirt’s sleeves a bit to make it looks more fashionable. After that, pair it with some jeans or skirt.

Okay, that’s it! You can be creative to experiment with your print tshirt by adding this and that. And if you have more fashion inspiration, you can share it with us too…


The Best Statement Print T-shirt Designs

posted by demo on July 18, 2016

Statement print t-shirt become more and more popular on these days with many designs available to speak what’s in your mind. The best thing about statement shirts is that it is timeless, stylish, and you can mix and match it with any accessories plus it looks so cool with different words that can speak or express themselves. If you like to wear or maybe order statement print tshirt then we love to share some of the best statement tshirt designs with different meanings. Check them out!

Statement Print T-shirt Designs

Statement print t-shirt has different designs that express different meaning such as jokes or funny words, arrogant words, beautiful words, and many more. Below are several examples of best statement tshirt designs:

  1. Arrogant statement shirt. Statement print tshirt with arrogant words express about your confidence and self-esteem. It often designed with words that show how great are you and how perfect are you, etc. Popular statements print t-shirt with arrogant words such as: See those words have similar meanings even though speak different words? You can order and wear such print tshirt to show the world how cool you are!
    • “I’m Right You Are Wrong; I Win You Lose”
    • “I’m Silently Judging You”
    • “Too Cool for This Planet”
    • “I’m Just Awesome!”
    • “Most Awesome Asshole on the Planet”
    • “Do Not Touch, I’m Too Hot”, etc.
  2. Challenge statement shirt. If you love challenge whether you are the one who challenge people or you are the one who challenged others because you are just too bored then you can wear this challenge print t-shirt. It shows your boldness, braveness, and fearlessness. You do not afraid to be challenged or challenge back. Some of popular challenge statement shirts such as:
    • “Challenge Accepted”
    • “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”
    • “Being defeated is optional, being challenged in life is inevitable”
    • “Challenge Completed”
    • “You Have 24 Hours: Ice Bucket Challenge”, etc.
  3. Ego statement shirt. Similar with arrogant designs, ego statement print tshirt express different words to show your pride like the use of ‘awesome words’ often be used or ‘too cool’, ‘too hot’, and such as. Other designs are also show that your Ego is not good so do not be friend with it. Here are some examples that maybe you like as well:
    • “Awesome Ends With Me”
    • “Almost Perfect and 100% a Winner”
    • “I Love Me, Myself, and I”
    • “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”
    • “Feed Your Own Ego, I am Busy”
    • “Your Ego is not Your Amigo”
    • “Feed People Not Egos”, etc.
  4. Attitude Towards Life statement shirt. Life has many complicated things and this print t-shirt designs show how to express yourself towards life. Some of the words can encourage you and some of them like do not give a care with life. You can pick your favorite phrase below:
    • “I Might be Wrong (but I doubt it)”
    • “My Life My Rules”
    • “Dream Believe Succeed”
    • “That Just Happened, Deal with It”
    • “Every Life Matters”
    • “All Life is an Experiment”, etc.
  5. Jokes or Funny statement shirt. Last but not least, there are jokes or funny words that have been made into a print tshirt and you definitely will love this design. It makes people laugh just read the words on the shirt. Some words are funny and some of them are sarcasm phrase, even there is t-shirts with cheesy words. So which one do you like? Below are some of jokes/funny statement tshirt examples:
    • “Why have abs when you can have kebabs?”
    • “You are the CSS to My HTML”
    • “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition”
    • “I’m not old, I’m recycled teenager”
    • “That awkward moment when someone reads your t-shirt”
    • “WTF (where’s the food)”, etc.

There are still lots of best statement print t-shirt designs that surely you are going to love. If you want to order a printed tshirt then you can create your own texts! You do not need to be limited with common words thus you can be creative by making your own print tshirt with your own phrase, why not you try it now?!


6 Steps How to Promote Your Own Print T-shirt Brand

posted by demo on July 12, 2016

If you already spend times and money to build your personalized print t-shirt then this is the time you need to promote the brand as well. Why you need to market the brand? Because you need to offer it to people by selling them and that’s the only way you will gain profit from your printed shirt.

If you want to sell your print tshirt online then the way you promote it will effect on whether you will be successful engage potential buyers or not, so never overlooked it since it is an essential thing to sell your designed t-shirt. The brand is your first impression for the customers and even if you only designing your print t-shirt with very simple style, if your brand becomes a big hit then many people will still buy your product.

How to Promote Your Print T-shirt Brand

Internet is the best resource to promote your print tshirt brand and the way you design your shirt should mirror the brand’s style and image. Now, you can take a look of those already popular brand t-shirts that they promote their brands with not only a flat picture of their designed shirts, however they make their products as lifestyles and thus you need to do that as well. Below are ideas how to promote your own print t-shirt brand:

  1. Creating special environment for your printed t-shirt. You need to create an environment for your t-shirt meaning that you should target your audience and how they should wear your products. That’s why you tell them how your custom clothing should be wearing in special environment. To do these, do some research like ask your target customer, where these people like to hang out. Ask around your friends and families will help too, you can talk about what kind of environment that suitable best with your garments and such.
  2. Choose the right models. How you choose the models as a part to promote your brand is important since you need to choose the one that can represent your garment. You need first decide whether you want to use a model or not, after that you need to carefully select him/her. They should represent the right image of your print tshirt, for example piercing with no-piercing, men or women, tattoo or no-tattoo, and many more.
  3. Let the t-shirts speak themselves. Of course if you sell your print t-shirt online then you need to display your products with pictures and such so the customers can choose the one that they like. With that, you can let the print t-shirts speak themselves by display them with simple pictures but effective presentations. For example, you can display them one by one with hanger and put some accessories on the side of the folded shirt to make it looks better. Next, just take a shoot of it.
  4. Promotional videos. Videos can speak for more than just a simple picture so you can make promotional videos for your brand then upload it on your official site as well as video sharing blog like YouTube. If you have budget then you can contact a production company; otherwise you can also make your own videos with the right lighting, microphone, HD camera, editing software, and other video equipment. If you want to get some inspirations when you want to make your own video then you can surfing the internet.
  5. Get the help from influencers and trendsetters. In print tshirt industry, there must be some people who can influence many people to wear a designed or branded shirt. You need to get in touch with them so they want to help you promote your brand, you can get in touch through e-mail, social media, etc. Some of the helps that you can ask the trendsetters or influences such as: Event invitation of your brand, Free products for reviews, Wearing your brand products, Give a shout for you on social media, etc.
  6. Promote the brand via external services. External services such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are an effective way to promote plus sell your brand/products. Another method is by using third parties like advertising on some people website or television and such.

That’s several ideas which you can try when you want to promote your own designed print t-shirt.  You have better ideas? Then you can send us your feedback!