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Camp T Shirt Idea from T Shirt Printing Hongkong Company

posted by demo on May 13, 2015

For you who will create a camping event, you surely need to have custom t shirt to be used on your camping trip. Whether the camp is done with family, school mates or with complete stranger, you can create unity feeling when you use the same print t shirt for camp. These ideas from Tshirt Printing Hongkong Company could be applied to your t shirt.


T Shirt Printing Hongkong Company Camp T Shirt Ideas

  1. Outdoor tent: if you use outdoor camp, then you can create design with picture of outdoor tent for your t shirt design. Use natural color t shirt as background to create unity with your natural surrounding area.
  2. Summer camp: summer is the best time for your camp event even though you can actually do it any other season. Try to use t shirt color that represent the season well then put quotes saying summer camp fun for your shirt design.
  3. Campfire: the best event on every camp is the campfire event. That is why you can use this icon as the design for your tshirt printing. Use picture of old campfire event that you have done in the past or use cartoon campfire icon to make the design interesting.
  4. Indian teepee tent: famous tent design is the teepee tent that used by Indian people a long time go. This conical shaped tent will make your t shirt printing ideas more fun. Add some Indian children that gather around the teepee tent for more interesting ideas.
  5. Pine trees: if you go for a camp in field filled by pine trees, you can hit on your destination with your camp t shirt icon. You do not need to always use green color for the pine trees since all colors will do.
  6. Camp name: if you want to create huge camp company, do not forget to add your company camp name so everyone will remember it easier. Moreover the camp t shirt that will be brought home by participant will also work as a tool to advertize your company.
  7. Sport camp: if you use camp event as a time for sport training activities, then you should not forget to put the sport as your camp t shirt main icon. That way your t shirt will work well with the theme and everyone will remember the reason why they do the camp event in the first place.

Basketball Team T Shirt Printing Ideas

posted by demo on March 23, 2015

When winter comes, new season of basketball also started. This also made everyone not only like to enjoy the match from the television but also creating their own match. If your neighborhood creates a basketball competition, then you surely need to create your basketball team print t shirt. Here’s how you can do it.


Creating basketball costume with T Shirt Printing Hongkong Company

1. First choose your basketball team color to be used as the t shirt color which you can create with Tshirt Printing Hongkong Company. Any color will do as long as it suitable for your team, but we suggest to use bright color to make it more interesting.

2. Next is to choose the material that you can use for your basketball t shirt. Since you will use it to play sport, you need to make sure that the material is comfortable to be used when you play. Moreover the material should also able to absorb any sweat so you will still be dry even after you play a long match.

3. Now choose your basketball team name which will represent your team well. You can put your name at the top front of your custom t shirt. Do not forget to use bold font so your team name will appear a lot cooler.

4. Next is choosing your basketball team logo to be used on t shirt printing. If you do not want to use any logo, you can also use quotes from any basketball player you love. Then put the quotes as your team logo which surely makes them feel more powerful when playing in the field.

5. Another option for basketball team tshirt printing is by using a picture in the middle of your shirt design. Use a silhouette of basketball player and place it on the middle of the t shirt. Or you can also use animal picture which represent your team as logo that printed on the t shirt.

6. By creating your own shirt design as your team basketball t shirt then your t shirt would be more personal and you will be able to play better. Even after you do not use the t shirt to play anymore, you can still use it in any casual occasion. That is why it would be better to design your t shirt with something that looked great to be used on daily occasion.


Ideas for Pictures to Be Used on T shirt Printing

posted by demo on January 16, 2015

T shirt design is another thing that you could use to express yourself. You could even use it as a tool to communicate all of your ideas, which is why you should plan your shirt design so you could gain the maximum impact from each design that you create above it. Then whenever someone sees the design that you create, they will receive the message you want to deliver to them. Moreover designing your own t shirt is very fun and easy to do since you could just use tshirt printing Hongkong to create your t shirt.

How to use t shirt printing to express your ideas

If you want to express all of your ideas you would need to create custom t shirt using any ideas that you have. People say that picture says more than one thousand words, that is why it would be better for you to create a picture on the t shirt to be print on the back or the front part of the shirt. T shirt printing Hongkong could use any kinds of picture that you want, if you do not have any ideas, and then we will give some for you.

1. Animal picture t shirt: nowadays more and more people live to use animal picture on their shirt, there are even 3D version of the picture so the animal would look more life. You could go to your local zoo then take as much picture as you want from all kinds of animal that you find there. Then use the picture on t shirt printing tools to create the shirt that you want.

2. Photo t shirt: for you who want to make special kind of shirt that would be much personal, you might want to use your own photos to be printed on the back or front part of the shirt. It would be especially useful for bands or promotion or your career.

3. Graphics picture t shirt: for some people who do not want to use any distinct picture for their shirt, they could always add graphics to their shirt. This would specially be useful for you who have big sense of arts since you would need to create it with details so the design could have more impact. You could even use any kinds of graphic that you want on the shirt because you just need to print t shirt easily.