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The Best Statement Print T-shirt Designs

posted by demo on July 18, 2016

Statement print t-shirt become more and more popular on these days with many designs available to speak what’s in your mind. The best thing about statement shirts is that it is timeless, stylish, and you can mix and match it with any accessories plus it looks so cool with different words that can speak or express themselves. If you like to wear or maybe order statement print tshirt then we love to share some of the best statement tshirt designs with different meanings. Check them out!

Statement Print T-shirt Designs

Statement print t-shirt has different designs that express different meaning such as jokes or funny words, arrogant words, beautiful words, and many more. Below are several examples of best statement tshirt designs:

  1. Arrogant statement shirt. Statement print tshirt with arrogant words express about your confidence and self-esteem. It often designed with words that show how great are you and how perfect are you, etc. Popular statements print t-shirt with arrogant words such as: See those words have similar meanings even though speak different words? You can order and wear such print tshirt to show the world how cool you are!
    • “I’m Right You Are Wrong; I Win You Lose”
    • “I’m Silently Judging You”
    • “Too Cool for This Planet”
    • “I’m Just Awesome!”
    • “Most Awesome Asshole on the Planet”
    • “Do Not Touch, I’m Too Hot”, etc.
  2. Challenge statement shirt. If you love challenge whether you are the one who challenge people or you are the one who challenged others because you are just too bored then you can wear this challenge print t-shirt. It shows your boldness, braveness, and fearlessness. You do not afraid to be challenged or challenge back. Some of popular challenge statement shirts such as:
    • “Challenge Accepted”
    • “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”
    • “Being defeated is optional, being challenged in life is inevitable”
    • “Challenge Completed”
    • “You Have 24 Hours: Ice Bucket Challenge”, etc.
  3. Ego statement shirt. Similar with arrogant designs, ego statement print tshirt express different words to show your pride like the use of ‘awesome words’ often be used or ‘too cool’, ‘too hot’, and such as. Other designs are also show that your Ego is not good so do not be friend with it. Here are some examples that maybe you like as well:
    • “Awesome Ends With Me”
    • “Almost Perfect and 100% a Winner”
    • “I Love Me, Myself, and I”
    • “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”
    • “Feed Your Own Ego, I am Busy”
    • “Your Ego is not Your Amigo”
    • “Feed People Not Egos”, etc.
  4. Attitude Towards Life statement shirt. Life has many complicated things and this print t-shirt designs show how to express yourself towards life. Some of the words can encourage you and some of them like do not give a care with life. You can pick your favorite phrase below:
    • “I Might be Wrong (but I doubt it)”
    • “My Life My Rules”
    • “Dream Believe Succeed”
    • “That Just Happened, Deal with It”
    • “Every Life Matters”
    • “All Life is an Experiment”, etc.
  5. Jokes or Funny statement shirt. Last but not least, there are jokes or funny words that have been made into a print tshirt and you definitely will love this design. It makes people laugh just read the words on the shirt. Some words are funny and some of them are sarcasm phrase, even there is t-shirts with cheesy words. So which one do you like? Below are some of jokes/funny statement tshirt examples:
    • “Why have abs when you can have kebabs?”
    • “You are the CSS to My HTML”
    • “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition”
    • “I’m not old, I’m recycled teenager”
    • “That awkward moment when someone reads your t-shirt”
    • “WTF (where’s the food)”, etc.

There are still lots of best statement print t-shirt designs that surely you are going to love. If you want to order a printed tshirt then you can create your own texts! You do not need to be limited with common words thus you can be creative by making your own print tshirt with your own phrase, why not you try it now?!


The Most Popular Print T-Shirt Movies 2016

posted by demo on July 12, 2016

We need to admit that 2016 is the year of all big hits movies released such as Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Kung Fu Panda 3, and many more. All these movies have their own loyal fandom and of course when the movies came out, many people start to buy those official merchandises from the mug to the t-shirt. We can see that many designs have been offered by print t-shirt stores to follow up the upcoming movies this year. And here we have some selected popular print t-shirt movies in 2016 and maybe you also like to have one.

Most Popular Print T-shirt Movies 2016

Last year we only got a few amazing movies, but this year is the year of many box offices movies coming out. People come watching the movies wearing their printed t-shirt with designs like the movie’s logo, movie’s characters, and such. That’s why here we want to share some of the great and most popular print tshirt movies in 2016, maybe there is one of your favorite movie so you can order one as well:

  1. Deadpool print tshirt. Okay, so Deadpool is the first in our most popular print t-shirt movies 2016 list since most of people love this crazy Marvel hero. Yes, this year both Marvel and DC compete to take the crown of the best hero movies and Deadpool is just one of the weapons from Marvel to fight for the first place beside Captain America that just coming out last month. For the print tshirt, there are lots of designs which available like the one with full Deadpool picture or small and cute Deadpool on the t-shirt, another like Deadpool eyemask (the logo), etc. Most of Deadpool print t-shirts have red major color since Deadpool himself identical with his red custom just like Spiderman.
  2. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. After Deadpool released in cinema early this year, DC makes a counterattack with Batman vs Superman, they also feeling so confident against Captain America: Civil War which has been released in May. Print tshirt became one of the most popular Batman vs Superman merchandises that day, beside the mug and drink bottle. So, you can also order for Batman vs Superman t-shirt designs like the movie logo with cool Batman plus Superman symbol or Batman and Superman face to face t-shirt design (either only their faces or full body). And oh, since there is a Wonder Woman (spoiler for those who do not watch the movie yet, lol) who appeared in the movie as well, you can also order this beautiful and fabulous character for your print t-shirt design and talking about her, there will be Wonder Woman movie coming soon in summer 2017.
  3. Captain America: Civil War. So if you do not know Captain America or Iron Man or maybe this movie then you life under the rock. We mean seriously, this movie was slaying other hero’s movies that come so far and the tshirt designs are amazing. You can be proud walking on the street while wearing this movie print tshirt. There are not only available in red or blue which become major colors that represent the movies too, but you can purchase white, black, or mixing colors as well. For the designs, you can pick from many characters that come in the movies, not only limited for Iron Man or Captain America as we know the main characters of this movie, but there are also Spiderman (yes! He Appeared), Black Widow, Hawkeye, Black Panther, or even the full characters of Avengers. Even if the Hulk did not appear in this movie, you can still manage to order that favorite character.
  4. Kung Fu Panda 3. Now, for the last popular print t-shirt which is not only popular for adult, but also kids as well, Kung Fu Panda 3. The movie itself came out several months ago and it’s in the top rank of cartoon movie this year. You can order printed tshirt with Poo (the main character) design or Furious Five characters such as Tiger, Mantis, Monkey, Crane, and Snake. Or if you love Master Shifu then so be it!

Most of popular print t-shirt movies 2016 list will certainty becomes longer as the 2016 movies coming for the next month like the new X-men movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Suicide Squad, and so on. Do not let yourself missed to buy the print tshirt of those movies!


Design Your Print T-shirt with Professional Ways

posted by demo on July 12, 2016

If you want to start to build your print t-shirt then you need to take your time and ideas to make the right one that will attract people buying your product plus become your loyal customers. The process is quite difficult of course and thus you need to take your time to read these tips of how to design your print tshirt professionally.

How to Design Your Print T-shirt Professionally

Here are 10 tips of how you can design your custom print t-shirt professionally:

  1. Explore your concept by taking your time. You cannot get the right concept in just one moment; you need to spend well, much time to think about your shirt concept over and over again. You can walk around your neighborhood to get some inspirations, eat, then seat on the bench while do brainstorming on your own.
  2. Imagine your print tshirt design. Your printed tshirt will have different feeling on both the screen and print thus you cannot only depend on your computer screen to imagine the design. You need to print it out and better make a mock up on a photo of model. Another way is to print the designed tshirt then place it on actual shirt.
  3. Detailed your design but keep it simple. Most people like detailed design on print tshirt, they appreaciated it. However, some of classic designs like to make things simple including the design and you can also following this step by making your t-shirt design simple but still can successfully send the message to the audience. For example, you can make a design in the middle since it is the simplest custom print t-shirt design.
  4. Target your customer. You should decide your market by targeting your customers. For whom you want to design and print your t-shirt? Old or young people and women or men? You need to match the style of your print tshirt with your targeted audience.
  5. Keep the humour subtle. If you want to design your shirt with some joke or art jokes then please make it subtle because you do not want your products to look like a low cost joke or cheap print t-shirt, right? There are many famous t-shirt design with jokes, but they still keep it subtle.
  6. Choosing the colors. Of course colors are one of the most essential elements when making a print tshirt. You need to match the color with your design and make sure that the color does not make your design covered or unclear to be seen. Next, the color of your t-shirt on computer screen will be different when you print it out later, so wisely take a sample by print the design result first before you really print out the shirt and sell it.
  7. Prepare the artwork properly. Please make sure that you know what kind of print tshirt that you want to print with the machine. Moreover, you need to expand strokes or outline any texts for great outcome. Depending on what software and machine you use to print the shirt, there are lots of tutorials to do the artwork properly.
  8. Pick a high quality printer. No matter how good or great your tshirt design is, if you use a low quality printer then it will be not working. That’s why it is important to take your time decide what kind of printer you want to use, what kind of brand, as well as whether the printer will result in a good outcome for your designed t-shirt. Remember that the sizes, the weight, labeling options will affect the end product. It is okay to spend your time to choose the right printer.
  9. Inspiration and get educated. You need to understand t-shirt trend so you will know what kind of print tshirt that people will love. You can look for tshirt design from time to time, get educated and better understanding for such thing will surely help you with your inspiration.
  10. Follow the trend. You need to follow the trend of course so people will look your brand and buying the products. Follow the trends it does not mean you copy them because the chances are big when you just seen the shirt, other designers are already made the new one. Be creative!

These 10 tips hopefully will help you make a great personalized print t-shirt to be offered. Enjoy!


Ideas for Pictures to Be Used on T shirt Printing

posted by demo on January 16, 2015

T shirt design is another thing that you could use to express yourself. You could even use it as a tool to communicate all of your ideas, which is why you should plan your shirt design so you could gain the maximum impact from each design that you create above it. Then whenever someone sees the design that you create, they will receive the message you want to deliver to them. Moreover designing your own t shirt is very fun and easy to do since you could just use tshirt printing Hongkong to create your t shirt.

How to use t shirt printing to express your ideas

If you want to express all of your ideas you would need to create custom t shirt using any ideas that you have. People say that picture says more than one thousand words, that is why it would be better for you to create a picture on the t shirt to be print on the back or the front part of the shirt. T shirt printing Hongkong could use any kinds of picture that you want, if you do not have any ideas, and then we will give some for you.

1. Animal picture t shirt: nowadays more and more people live to use animal picture on their shirt, there are even 3D version of the picture so the animal would look more life. You could go to your local zoo then take as much picture as you want from all kinds of animal that you find there. Then use the picture on t shirt printing tools to create the shirt that you want.

2. Photo t shirt: for you who want to make special kind of shirt that would be much personal, you might want to use your own photos to be printed on the back or front part of the shirt. It would be especially useful for bands or promotion or your career.

3. Graphics picture t shirt: for some people who do not want to use any distinct picture for their shirt, they could always add graphics to their shirt. This would specially be useful for you who have big sense of arts since you would need to create it with details so the design could have more impact. You could even use any kinds of graphic that you want on the shirt because you just need to print t shirt easily.