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Basketball Team T Shirt Printing Ideas

posted by demo on March 23, 2015

When winter comes, new season of basketball also started. This also made everyone not only like to enjoy the match from the television but also creating their own match. If your neighborhood creates a basketball competition, then you surely need to create your basketball team print t shirt. Here’s how you can do it.


Creating basketball costume with T Shirt Printing Hongkong Company

1. First choose your basketball team color to be used as the t shirt color which you can create with Tshirt Printing Hongkong Company. Any color will do as long as it suitable for your team, but we suggest to use bright color to make it more interesting.

2. Next is to choose the material that you can use for your basketball t shirt. Since you will use it to play sport, you need to make sure that the material is comfortable to be used when you play. Moreover the material should also able to absorb any sweat so you will still be dry even after you play a long match.

3. Now choose your basketball team name which will represent your team well. You can put your name at the top front of your custom t shirt. Do not forget to use bold font so your team name will appear a lot cooler.

4. Next is choosing your basketball team logo to be used on t shirt printing. If you do not want to use any logo, you can also use quotes from any basketball player you love. Then put the quotes as your team logo which surely makes them feel more powerful when playing in the field.

5. Another option for basketball team tshirt printing is by using a picture in the middle of your shirt design. Use a silhouette of basketball player and place it on the middle of the t shirt. Or you can also use animal picture which represent your team as logo that printed on the t shirt.

6. By creating your own shirt design as your team basketball t shirt then your t shirt would be more personal and you will be able to play better. Even after you do not use the t shirt to play anymore, you can still use it in any casual occasion. That is why it would be better to design your t shirt with something that looked great to be used on daily occasion.


T Shirt Printing Methods for Home and Company Manufacturers

posted by demo on June 6, 2016

We provide T shirt printing methods which help you to understand how to print in t shirt. For your information, this kind of projects is now happening especially in youngster. They love to wear printed T shirt for their daily activities. Usually, they placed their photos or logos on their clothing. It is their way to show off their personality and style these days. With the developing technologies, there are lot of methods and techniques for printing t shirt. Some of them will be explained below from time to time. There many innovations and improvements of T shirt printing method so far.

T Shirt Printing Methods Screen Printing

Actually, there are many T shirt printing methods butsome manufacturers love to use screen printing method. For your information, this is the most common form of all printed T shirt these days. Moreover, the design is separated with its colors and even the color themselves in screen printing. The layering technique is the way to color these kinds of garment or fabrics. The layer consists of water based inks and it is placed in particular position. The colors are divided into five ink colors. Those are major colors like white, red, blue, green, gold and black. This method is very useful when you want to color limited-design-color.


T Shirt Printing MethodsInks

Inks as T shirt printing methods are quite old these days. There are only a few companies which still use water-based ink today. But, it does not mean the quality of ink methods offer bad-quality products. They leave this method because it is not practical anymore in this modern era. Dominantly, T shirt printing companies use plastisol. This is another kind of color which does not need any adjustment in printing varying designs with varying colors too. Moreover, the price of plastisol is cheaper than the normal inks. Perhaps, that is the most factors why they do not use ink method anymore now.


T Shirt Printing MethodsDye Sublimation

This is the best method than other T shirt printing methods if your goal is to print out full-color designs or images. However, the T shirt should have lighter color like white or yellow. This is the best because the result is very high-quality and detail. The only weakness of this method is because it offers expensive budget than others. Moreover, this method also cannot to be used in particular fabrics like natural fabrics. The best material with this method is polyester. Many customers believe that the product with this method does not give any feel for the design and it becomes the best advantages, right?


Computerized Printing

The next method could be the modern T shirt printing methods. Yes, computerized printing means that everything is done by computer. This method is better to print some detail designs that cannot be handled by other methods. Moreover, it is also the best to handle multi-color printing. Computerized printing provides easy customized designs. Some techniques such as cad cut vinyl are integrated with this method for sure. But, it is only suitable for small quantities project by the way. For your information, this method works with a machine to print or cut the designs. You can imagine how detail it is in cutting solid color vinyl, right? Then, the heating process is necessary to press the vinyl and the fabrics. In other words, we transfer the heat in order to print out the designs onto garments. That is why it is beneficial for small quantities project because this method can work in details and efficient. The result is also durable and high-quality image. Another benefit is that the customers can customize their own designs freely and faster.


T Shirt Printing Methods Direct Printing

This is the last one of our T shirt printing methods for today. The best part is that this method can be done at our homes. It means we can DIY printing T shirt directly. However, this method uses some ink variants. Furthermore, you need to apply these inks by your hand in order to position the designs correctly and accurately. Yeah, it is handier than other printing methods above because it has no heavy feel like other methods. Moreover, it does not cover large area on your garments. It will be harder if you have brighter garment color than the designs. That is all of our T shirt printing methods and hopefully you can enjoy it.


T Shirt Printing Technique That You Need to Know

posted by demo on June 6, 2016

In printing T shirt industry there are some techniques of T shirt printing technique generally. Every technique has its own pros and cons which you need to know if you want to consider this industry as your passion. These techniques are direct to garment, cad cut vinyl, screen printing, transfer printing and embroidery. In this special post, we have an opportunity to discuss about them all. Of course, it should be beneficial for you to apply one of them to your projects in the future. Moreover, we also give some pros and cons in every technique so that you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each technique obviously.


T Shirt Printing Technique Screen Printing

We start our explanation of T Shirt printing technique from the screen printing firstly. This is the most popular technique of printing T shirt so far. Firstly, it was found in China. The technique simply pastes or attaches the colors’ layer on the top of fabric or garment via screen. As the result, the design which was left on the fabric was very sophisticated and durable. Just over the years, this technique becomes popular from countries to others. Then, it was developed until now. Its simplicity and versatility become the advantages of this technique. Meanwhile, this technique has only a few or limited color mixing.


T Shirt Printing Technique Direct to Garment

The second T shirt printing technique is called direct to garment technique. For your information, this technique is a new technique in printing T shirt industry. It was invented in 90s ago. Then, it became commercial in 2005. This technique was actually originated by a company only in digital image segment. As same as its name, this technique should be used directly into the fabrics or garments. In other words, the ink should be printed without any layer or tool to the garments. You may not feel the ink after the process has done. The only weakness of this technique is the limited placement for the design.


T Shirt Printing Technique Transfer Printing

The third T shirt printing technique is called transfer printing. This is the most durable printing technique because the user of this technique must transfer the image or design from a surface to other and it is permanently printed. For your information, this technique is also used for ceramics. But, it is more profitable for transferring the design onto T shirts these days. This technique cannot be done without the help of heating. Another advantage is about the high design quality which is offered by transfer printing technique. Unfortunately, this technique requires much time to be done.


T Shirt Printing Technique Cad Cut Vinyl

Another interesting T Shirt printing technique is cad cut vinyl. Why it is interesting because there is no printing process in this technique. To make it happens, the same way with transfer printing is necessary. First of all, the manufacturer will cut the design from the vinyl materials and then use the heating process to the garments directly. This kind of technique is commonly used for sports kit like jersey logo, sponsor and many more. Of course, it will provide high-quality design without any bold or vibrant on the images. Meanwhile the weaknesses are not appropriate for large quantities productions and do not fit with large or bulk designs.


T Shirt Printing Technique Embroidery

Last but not least, we now come into the last T shirt printing technique which is called as embroidery. As same as the previous technique, this technique does not require any printing process. Instead, it uses machine which will stitch the designs or images directly onto the garments. For your information, this technique is mostly used for golf shirts manufacturers and companies. The advantages of this technique are giving professional looking and quality, durable and details. However, there are also some disadvantages for embroidery technique such as cannot provide small texts and changed logos or designs because they were processed by thread.


T Shirt Printing Technique Conclusion

That is all techniques which are generally used for modern T shirt printing in this world. All of them have their own pros and cons that should be considered if you are the manufacturers of this industry. It is important to know those techniques since customers of this industry are never ended. T shirt printing can be beneficial business if you know how to make your customers satisfied with your products by following the T shirt printing technique above.


DIY T Shirt Printing Business from Home into Company in 5 Easy Steps

posted by demo on June 13, 2016

Having DIY t shirt printing business from home might give so much fun if you start it from the beginning. In this modern era, people love to start DIY home business because the profits are directly coming into their savings. In other words, it becomes a huge strategy in the future. In this special post, we have five steps that are very useful to you who want to conduct t shirt printing business these days. T shirt printing is now trending. People want to express their creativity into a shirt which they wear every day. You will see how profitable DIY t shirt printing businessfor youth.


DIY T Shirt Printing Business: Plan

There is no big or huge project without a plan including DIY t shirt printing business. When you start to sell your t shirts, it won’t be beneficial if you do not have a plan. By making a plan, you will know your starting budget and how much you want to get from the budget. This plan must be also solid. In other words, it won’t change in a short time. It is important because you can establish the income and outcome of your business. Moreover, you have to purchase the printing machine and other costs for your operational business. The formula is like this, the higher your plan, the smaller the budget.



This is the most difficult step to be done for DIY t shirt printing business. You have to identify your products as a brand. Brand here refers the identity, uniqueness and characteristic of your t shirts including the materials, quality and artwork. What you are going to do is just getting a lot of attraction from the people or customers. Of course, it will be easier if you have goal and plan before. After getting the brand of yourself, people will see the image of your brand as a whole. Focus on one character first then it may be developed onto others.


Your Own Graphics or Artwork

Copyright is important in DIY t shirt printing business. You can just take a graphics or artwork carelessly from internet because it is not yours. The best way to get the copyright is by creating your own graphics. It is easy if you have drawing skills and lot of creativity. You just find what is happening or trending now and create with your own style. If you cannot do that, hiring designers or freelancers in artwork segment is the best alternative way. In this case, you have to find someone who suits with your idea and brand. Of course, it would be harder if you do not have branding or something unique on your products. You may give royalty to the creators if you have no budget to hire someone.


Know the Market

Because of the DIY t shirt printing business popularity, this business has been spreading out in the entire world. It means that you have many competitors in the same segment with your business. You have to know this before coming inside to the market. Keep an eye to your competitors and follow the trend as long as you can. Sometimes, your competitors will do everything to get your loyal customers like giving discounts or lowering the prices. You must know when this is happened for sure. So, you can lower the price too with cheaper materials, ink, etc. You should have good creativity too to defeat your competitors.


Blank T Shirt Provider

The last step is by getting blank t shirt provider. It means that you have unlimited blank t shirt which should be printed with your own images or graphics. Moreover, you can treat them as your subscribers. You export the product monthly, weekly or yearly into the same provider. It will be more beneficial for you because you are building trust with them. When you can print it by yourself, you just need the blank t shirt, right? If you cannot provide huge productions, of course you need a printing company to handle your productions. But, the project is still under your brand by the way. Thus, you are like the third-party here. We are in the end of this article of DIY t shirt printing business steps by steps from home into company.


Digital Print T-Shirt VS Screen Print T-Shirt

posted by demo on June 20, 2016

What will you choose whether digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt? This is actually the most frequent question which comes up from people who want to use one of these services obviously. For your information, both printing processes are actually used by most companies in this world especially in printed T-shirt segment. For the first time, we will give you the answer in this article. There are no better printing processes neither both of them. It is better when you can choose the most suit one with your necessity or what you are printing right now. Check out the further answer after this paragraph.


Check the Colors and Materials

If our answer is still not satisfying you about digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt, we will elaborate it into further explanation. We have said that it should be depending on what you are printing right now. Of course, both of the processes have their own strength and weakness. You need to know the details of your fabrics firstly. Is it cotton or cloth? That is the common question which you have to answer before considering the printing process. Then, check how many colors on your designs. Is it lighter colors or even solid or dark colors? Go to the next section after you considered those two questions.


Screen Printing

Now, we are going into one side of digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt for the initial explanation. We start from the definition of it and the method which is usually used by this printing process. Screen printing or also usually called as silk screen printing was firstly invented in 1907. In other words, this printing process is the oldest one today. If you want to know who the inventor was, he was Samuel Simon Matthew Atere-Roberts in his country England. The method of screen printing is by using multiple steps. It usually starts from the designing the designs or images. Then, process them into the screens via heating or burning system. Lastly, the ink will be used to print the designs onto garments.


Benefits of Screen Printing

What are the benefits of screen printing? This is important to be explained for whether to know the maximum answer of digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt. The pros of screen printing are divided into several points. Firstly, it is very cost-effective. Yeah, you just need ink to print the designs. Secondly, the quality of the printed T-shirt is very high. As the result, you may see it as professional work obviously. Thirdly, the product or the T-shirt will not lose the design for long time. In other words, it is very durable. Lastly, you can use it for bulk or large projects because its ease and detail quality.


Shortcoming of Screen Printing

If there is benefit, there is also shortcoming or disadvantage of digital print T-shirt vs screen print t-shirt. After knowing some benefits of screen printing above, it does not mean there is no disadvantage of screen printing. First of all, this printing process is very time-consuming to be set up. It takes your much time for sure. Secondly, it is not effective for minimum orders. It means that those time-consuming works cannot be compared with the minimum quantities for sure. If you are unlucky, the product is too thicker sometimes. Last but not least, high-resolution images or designs may not as high as the original photos in this printing process.


Digital Print T-shirt VS Screen Print T-shirt: Digital Printing

Next, we are going to the enemy of screen print, the digital printing. Yeah, you will not answer which one is better between digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt if you just know one side only, right? Digital printing is younger than screen printing obviously. The method is by using directly the designs onto the garments. In other words, you can directly heating the designs and print it on the fabrics. This is also the first benefit of digital printing. It is a lot easier to use than the screen printing. Moreover, it has just three steps to do. Download the graphics or designs via computer; transfer the design to the printer and heating the designs. Thus, it is very useful to print small numbers or quantities, right? It does not mean there is no weakness after all. Printing process needs more time to be done especially for large quantities and it only works for particular fabrics. Yeah, we believe that you can choose between digital print T-shirt vs screen print T-shirt right now.


How to Print T Shirt with 2 Easiest Methods for Homemade Business

posted by demo on June 27, 2016

How to print t shirt? This question always appears when people try to print their own t shirt by doing DIY methods. For your information, there are three methods that you can do to printing t shirt in this modern day. Of course, it involves some processes that you have to pass to get the results or the products. However, you need to do some practice firstly in order to get better t shirt in the end of the process. The first method is transfer printing. The second one is screen printing. We will explain all of them in this article for you.


How to Print T Shirt Transfer Printing

Our first explanation about how to print T shirt is by using transfer printing method. First of all, you have to buy t shirt transfer paper in the beginning step and iron. This is important to know whether you will print on the light or dark fabrics before you purchase the paper. Transfer paper is also divided into two types, light and dark transfer papers. Mostly, the size of this transfer papers also the same with regular size of printer paper. Then, prepare the image or artwork which you want to transfer onto garments. Scan it if necessary. For your information, you need to reverse the light transfer paper because the result in this paper will be reversed if you normally printed it. Meanwhile, the darker transfer paper does not reverse the results.


Transfer Printing Instructions

After preparation is ready, now it is the time for how to print t shirt in transfer printing. You have to print the design on the transfer paper firstly. Then, check out the graphics whether it suits or not onto the garment. Then, the printed image on the paper should be cut by cutter or scissor. Find a flat surface around your home and pillowcase which has cotton surface. Place it above a table and then give hottest heat on your iron. Then, place the t shirt underneath the flat surface and iron the cut-image and your shirt until finished. The transfer method is done in this process.


How to Print T Shirt Screen Printing

The next method of how to print t shirt is using screen printing method. Unlike previous method, this printing process is only available for white and black images onto your t shirt. If you have colored-image, just convert it into black and white version. Moreover, you need to acetate paper or transparency sheets to use this method. Then, print the image onto the sheet. The next step is quite difficult because you have to paint the image into photo emulsion of printing screen. You can purchase it easily through online stores. Make sure you are using gloves to paint and handle the emulsion.


Screen Printing Instructions

Then, let the screen dry. We prefer you to place it inside a dark room. It will dry around several hours. After it dries, take them into other room which has enough light. A brighter light will give better results in the end. You can rely on sunlight if the day is too sunny. Then, place the garment right under the screen. The best result will be gained by special bulb to. Expose the printed image and you have to wait the process of screening for one until two hours. Now, your screen is ready to be used with printing device. Then, transfer the image on the screen to your shirt by heat like previous method and that is how to print T shirt with screen printing.



That is all general methods ofhow to print t shirtwith your own design. For your information, each method has its own strength and weakness. For example, the screen printing works best for large quantities. Meanwhile, the transfer printing works only for small quantities. Therefore, you need to consider which method is the best for your current project firstly. We do not want to show you which one is better. We just want to show how to use one method effectively and efficiently. Do not be afraid to test both methods before you work for the original project because you have to know both instructions very well without any mistake. That is all what we got about how to print t shirt for today.


Tips in Making Custom Tshirts for Kids

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

As kids still young, they love to play around with their friends, and some kids also pay attention on what they wear when they play. The reason is because they want to appear cool so they could really be the best. One of the best outfits that they could use is print t-shirt, as this t shirt has cool print on the front and maybe the back of the t shirt as well. Furthermore t shirt also the most comfortable outfit to wear when playing especially for kids. That is why this t shirt really the best choice for kids to wear.

Tips to make custom print tshirt for kids?

  1. Know your kids. Most kids love to play in outdoor area, which means they will run everywhere and might even play in dirt. They will roll around on the ground and mud, climb on the trees or any playground structure that they find. Raining is another favorite day to play outside even though you might prevent them to do so. Knowing this habit surely you does not want them to wear expensive and bright polo shirt which you bought for special occasion. But for kids they do not think any of that as all they want is to wear their favorite clothing. That is why print t-shirt could be favorite clothing that you could give to your kids to wear anytime without worry.
  2. Choose the color. The first thing that you should do is to choose the color of the t shirt. Of course you also need to ask to your kids what their favorite color is. Usually kids will choose bright color such as red, orange, blue or pink. But you should also think about all of the dirt that your kids will have on the print tshirt later on. That is why try to choose darker shade from your kid’s favorite color so the dirt and mud that might stain the t shirt would not be too visible and the t shirt could still be used for a long time.
  3. Choose the material. Next is to choose the material of the print t-shirt you want to make. Usually you will choose cotton material for your kids as this cotton is best to absorb sweat that your kids have when playing. However sometimes it is better to go with polyester material with 50/50 blend along with the cotton material. This blend will make the t shirt become more durable, especially for kids who love to play hard. Do not worries as the print tshirt still contains cotton material, then it will also able to absorb sweat as well.
  4. Picture. Now it is time to choose the picture you want to print on the print t-shirt surface. Usually kids have their favorite cartoon character, so you can try to make custom t shirt with their favorite character picture. Surely by using the character that they love it will make them love the t shirt as well. You can even try to ask your kid to choose which picture that they want to have in their new t shirt, that way they could choose which pose of their favorite character that they will have in the print tshirt.
  5. Drawing. Another alternative of printing that you could have on your kid t shirt is your own kid’s drawing. You can try to scan your kid’s drawing then have them printed on the surface of the print t-shirt that you make. That way the t shirt will become more personal and surely your kids will have more pride when wearing that as it has their own drawing on the surface of the t shirt.
  6. Name. Another way to make the print tshirt feel more personalize is to add your kid’s name to the t shirt. You can add it on the back part of the t shirt in a logo design so it will become cooler. If you have more than one kid at home, this is another thing that you could use to differentiate their t shirt.

Try to also put quotes on your custom print t-shirt since it is another way to make the t shirt more interesting. Moreover it will also be able to motivate your kids more.


Tips for Effective Marketing Using Print Tshirt

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

Marketing is a hard thing to do since you always need to do something new and different to promote your company or product. You must try to sell them to more customers to increase the sales. Of course are a lot of ways that you could do to promote your company and product, but using print t-shirt is a must way to use. The reason is because tshirt has a big exposure which you might not notice. Especially when they are wears everywhere surely more and more people will see your company and product which means they will notice it more.

Tips in Creating Print Tshirt for Promoting Purpose

  1. Put on question. If you want to promote a new product or company surely there are a lot of things that people want to ask about your new product. That is why you can use that question as part of your promotion, and people will be interested in reading the question as well as the answer on the print t-shirt. Try to keep the question simple and interesting then put the answer with the picture of your product to make it easy for people to notice your product more.
  2. Logo. For company surely you want everyone to know not only your company brand but also your company logo. That is why you need to put them in the print tshirt you make as one of the point your customer could see. But if you also want to promote your company product instead of the company itself. Then you can try to put the logo on the back of the t shirt or in smaller size so it will still be there to see but not overpowering the real product that you want to promote with your print t-shirt.
  3. Picture. Having picture in your print tshirt is a must as this is the best view point that will attract people to read your t shirt. Try to put a provoking picture of your company or if you want to promote a product then you should put picture of the product itself. Make sure your print the picture with the biggest size since it will be the center point of your promotion. Moreover cool picture is one of the reason why people willing to wear your print t-shirt so you must make sure that the picture is good enough to be wear by your customer.
  4. Contact or address. This is things that people always forgot when they creating promotional print tshirt even though it is very important. You want to get some feedback from people regarding the product or company that you make. People might also want to give you feedback regarding the print t-shirt you give them so be sure to insert your company contact or address. If you have email or phone number it is better to include them as well since it would be easier for people to contact you with it. Just put them on the corner of the print t-shirt in small size but with clear color so people will be easier to see it.
  5. Choose durable material. Usually promotional print tshirt is made using cheap material so it will tear and stain easier. This is a wrong move especially when the product you want to promote is a long lasting one. That is why you need to be careful when choosing the material so the material should always be durable. That way your customer will wear it again and again which means you will also get constant promotion from your print t-shirt. Furthermore the material should also be comfortable to wear so your customer would not be doubt to wear them often.
  6. Give the t shirt. After you have made the best marketing print tshirt, now it is time to give the t shirt. You can try to give them for free on an event when they come to your booth or you can also try to give them as bonus when a customer purchases your product for certain value. Another way is to give them as price for quiz or event that you make.

Do not afraid to give the promotional print t-shirt as it is a way for you to market your product and company.


Print T-shirt Functions and Utilities for Events

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

As for today, print t-shirt is not something that you can only use for fashion styles, but it has more functions than that. This type of tshirt can be used to promote your products or can be worn for special events, and such. Print tshirt itself is very easy to be found anywhere and it is also low cost especially if you order in a great quantities. Actually, what are print t-shirt functions and utilities? Why many people love to order this product? Here we can share some of tee shirt benefits that can be used for many events.

Print T-shirt Utilities for Events

Below are several things you can do for your special events with print t-shirt, you can order and wear you print tee shirt for many events such as:

  1. Graduation. There are so many graduation events every year and to celebrate your graduation, you can order a custom tshirt to make it more memorable. If there is one of your families member has he/her graduation today then you can show your support with your other families by wearing personalized tee shirt.
  2. For fandom. Today, there are many people love to order printed tshirt to show that they are the biggest fans in the fandom. You can join too by order your idols or maybe movies characters like Iron Man or Captain America print t-shirt. There is nothing wrong wearing your tee shirt when you go to the cinema to watch the movies with your group of friends.
  3. Charity Events. Charity events are a great activity for the community; however it can make the organizers stressful since they need to prepare everything including the print tshirt. Fortunately that you can order printed shirt on budget and you can even order it online. You can prepare the design and then send it to the custom tshirt sellers.
  4. Perfect as a gift. A custom print t-shirt will become a perfect gift for your events. For example, you can give a personalized tee shirt for your best friend birthday or if you celebrate your own birthday party then you can order the shirts and give that as the birthday favors. And anyway, there is no better ways to express your sincerity than with custom shirts that designed on your own.
  5. Bachelor parties. To make your Bachelor and bachelorette parties more exciting then you need to order print tee shirts. This is a traditional of the modern married process that needs to be celebrated and you can make the night more epic by getting everyone their custom print tshirt. If you are the best man or main in honor then surely you need to do this idea to have fun.
  6. Weekend retreats. If you are in some communities like youth organization then there is no better way to make your retreat events more fun than personalized tshirts. You can design it with your organization name printed on the shirt. Not only it can be used for your organizational retreats, if your corporate loves to do a weekend retreat then you can order it as well. Do not forget about the staffs, since they need to have special custom print t-shirt and thus make sure that you order a batch of staff tee shirts.
  7. Awareness weeks. There is countless institutions and organizations that choose health awareness months or even weeks every year and such events meant to be held so people will aware about health issues in general. And one of the best ideas to make people aware with this is by encourage them to wear custom print tshirt. By wearing tee shirt, this can help to market and spread the words and people who join this event can also show their support by wearing the custom shirts.
  8. Baby shower event. The most exciting part waiting for the new baby born is by baby shower party. This is a traditional event and if you are parents that wait for the new baby born then you can order custom tshirt with the baby name printed on it, this is a great way to spice up your baby shower event and make it more memorable.

Print t-shirt can be used for many events such as all the events mentioned above and this is the time you can start to order your own personalized tee shirt.


The Best Guide to Order Ladies Print Tshirt

posted by demo on July 25, 2016

With print tshirt you can get a unique design that you cannot have from the stores meaning that it allows you to have entirely different garments than those in general stores. By order a custom tee shirt, you can design the clothes according to your taste and you can wear it anywhere for many events. If you have a plan to make one then we have the best guide to order ladies print t-shirt that surely will help you to pick the right tee shirt.

Ladies Print Tshirt Selection Ideas

Ordering print tshirt online seems complicated at first; however by following our guides, you can order the right tee shirt:

  1. Decide the right fit. There are two types of fits that you need to select before you order print t-shirt. First is loose tshirt and second is fitted shirt. What is the different between the two shirts? The loose shirt is cut similarly to men’s tee shirt or unisex but it will still fit your body because it has been cut proportionally according to women’s body while fitted shirt hug the waist and chest to create a fashion fit appearance. To decide which print tshirt is suitable for you then you need to think where you will use this tshirt for? Of course tshirt for daily activities and for special occasions will be different. How and where you will be wearing the tshirt will help you to pick the best one.
  2. Just pick the secret fit!. If you are not sure about picking the fitted print t-shirt since it looks too tight for you, however you also in doubt with the boxy style of loose tee shirt then you can try to order in-between fit! Meaning that you need to ask the vendor a fitted unisex shirt, easy right? This fitted unisex shirt does not too tight for your body since it is looser than the real loose shirt, but it still has a slim look especially in chest and shoulder parts thus make it more comfortable and a perfect choice for you!
  3. Do not forget your favorite color. Select the color of your print tshirt is an essential thing since you do not want the color of your tee shirt does not match with your mood or event. When you want to decide what kind of color you want to order then you need to consider several things. First, look into your wardrobe and ask yourself whether you have several clothes in that colors already and it is better to pick a color that you do not have yet and of course you really want to try the color. Second, ask again whether the color of the shirt will compliment your skin colors and eyes.
  4. The size is the most important. Selecting your size when you want to order print t-shirt is the most important and you should know your right size as well. There are various factors that you need to consider before choosing the size of tee shirt. First, when you decide to order unisex shirt, then it is better to choose the smaller sizes since this kind of tshirt made to fit men’s size. However, if you want to order fitted shirt then you need to pick your size accordingly.
  5. Create the design. Okay, this is the final guide for you when you want to order ladies print tshirt, the design. It is good to create a one of a kind design to make it looks unique and it allows your creativity by making different appearance. When you design a shirt, whether for yourself or for a gift, you need to believe your own aesthetic abilities since you need to create a design that totally match your personality and taste or your friend’s. After you sure with your design, you can send it to the vendor and consult plus ask them whether your design will looks good when printed on the tee shirt. If you cannot make your own design then you can ask vendor’s help to make it for you since many sellers usually offer design service as well.

Okay, that’s the guide to order ladies print t-shirt that you can follow to get the best one, enjoy!