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How to Print T Shirt with 2 Easiest Methods for Homemade Business

posted by demo on June 27, 2016

How to print t shirt? This question always appears when people try to print their own t shirt by doing DIY methods. For your information, there are three methods that you can do to printing t shirt in this modern day. Of course, it involves some processes that you have to pass to get the results or the products. However, you need to do some practice firstly in order to get better t shirt in the end of the process. The first method is transfer printing. The second one is screen printing. We will explain all of them in this article for you.


How to Print T Shirt Transfer Printing

Our first explanation about how to print T shirt is by using transfer printing method. First of all, you have to buy t shirt transfer paper in the beginning step and iron. This is important to know whether you will print on the light or dark fabrics before you purchase the paper. Transfer paper is also divided into two types, light and dark transfer papers. Mostly, the size of this transfer papers also the same with regular size of printer paper. Then, prepare the image or artwork which you want to transfer onto garments. Scan it if necessary. For your information, you need to reverse the light transfer paper because the result in this paper will be reversed if you normally printed it. Meanwhile, the darker transfer paper does not reverse the results.


Transfer Printing Instructions

After preparation is ready, now it is the time for how to print t shirt in transfer printing. You have to print the design on the transfer paper firstly. Then, check out the graphics whether it suits or not onto the garment. Then, the printed image on the paper should be cut by cutter or scissor. Find a flat surface around your home and pillowcase which has cotton surface. Place it above a table and then give hottest heat on your iron. Then, place the t shirt underneath the flat surface and iron the cut-image and your shirt until finished. The transfer method is done in this process.


How to Print T Shirt Screen Printing

The next method of how to print t shirt is using screen printing method. Unlike previous method, this printing process is only available for white and black images onto your t shirt. If you have colored-image, just convert it into black and white version. Moreover, you need to acetate paper or transparency sheets to use this method. Then, print the image onto the sheet. The next step is quite difficult because you have to paint the image into photo emulsion of printing screen. You can purchase it easily through online stores. Make sure you are using gloves to paint and handle the emulsion.


Screen Printing Instructions

Then, let the screen dry. We prefer you to place it inside a dark room. It will dry around several hours. After it dries, take them into other room which has enough light. A brighter light will give better results in the end. You can rely on sunlight if the day is too sunny. Then, place the garment right under the screen. The best result will be gained by special bulb to. Expose the printed image and you have to wait the process of screening for one until two hours. Now, your screen is ready to be used with printing device. Then, transfer the image on the screen to your shirt by heat like previous method and that is how to print T shirt with screen printing.



That is all general methods ofhow to print t shirtwith your own design. For your information, each method has its own strength and weakness. For example, the screen printing works best for large quantities. Meanwhile, the transfer printing works only for small quantities. Therefore, you need to consider which method is the best for your current project firstly. We do not want to show you which one is better. We just want to show how to use one method effectively and efficiently. Do not be afraid to test both methods before you work for the original project because you have to know both instructions very well without any mistake. That is all what we got about how to print t shirt for today.