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How to Make Crewneck in Your Sweater Properly

posted by demo on November 2, 2015

A big neck sweater will make you feel way comfortable, however a sweater with a crewneck will make you warmer. When the temperature drops fast in the autumn or winter season, it would be best to sip some hot chocolate in the your house with the sweater on. This article will provide you informations on making crewneck in your some sweaters and hoodies, especially when your sweater is turtleneck styled right now.

Making The Crewneck in Your Sweater Easily

1. Get the current style neck off from your warm apparel

The first thing you will need to do is turning your hoodie or sweater inside out. You will immediately notice that the body of sweater is a different component with the styled neck or the hood. After that, take out your scissor then snip out the threads that joined neck or hood with body beforehand. Do this step extra carefully because if you cause some mistakes it may make your hoodie (especially varsity) look uglier, meanwhile the appearance of this apparel is so important. The yarn that has already been raveled will leave you two separate pieces and once you think that the new crewneck you got is satisfactory, you can finish your activity upon this.

2. Fix up the neckline of your warm apparel

If you think that the instant crewneck from your custom jacket or printing jacket is not satisfactory, you can easily fix it up. First, roll the neckline inside of your outift. After that, pin the roll so that it will not shift easily while you are working on sewing the crewneck. Use the thread and needle to sew the rolled edge inside you made earlier, manually. Your crewneck custom jacket is almost done by now.

3. Dress up the new neckline you just made

If you finish the step two successfully, your hoodie will likely turn to a crewneck apparel. Trim the dangling thread or yarn from your new neckline with small scissor, leaving the stitching set neatly. You can also add a little patch of soft material if you think that the new neckline will make you feel itchy or a little bit uncomfortable. Voila, with this you are done with your new warm apparel and its new crewneck.

You can always apply those steps as a procedure on making your warm apparel even warmer. Crewneck is the proper solution when the temperature in your area slowly starts dropping.


The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Jacket

posted by demo on November 2, 2015

As a jacket or sweater lover, you may have known already that there is a kind of unisex hoodie that can be suitably worn by either men and women. However, there is also a kind of hoodies that fit only men or only women. To avoid mistakenly choosing the best custom jacket for you, here below are several tips on differentiating men’s and women’s jacket in some aspects.

Tips on Differentiating Men’s and Women’s Jacket

1. Pay attention to the buttoning

First of all, when you see the jacket you target, simply check the position of the button. When the buttons are on the right side, the item is for men meanwhile when the buttons are on the left side, the item is for women. There is no clear explanation why the printing jacket like varsity can have this characteristic, too. It may be caused that men always got dressed themselves in the past meanwhile the women occasionally got dressed by the servants. Keep in mind that this term does not apply in all outfits as you may see a jacket or sweater brand with its outfits buttons always placed in one side (for men and women apparels altogether).

2. Check the proportion and the cut

As you may have already known, men’s hoodies tend to be designed with broader shoulders and back meanwhile the term otherwise applies to women’s hoodie. It also happens for the sleeve part, men’s jacket will have longer sleeves than the ones designed for women. As for the chest area, women’s jacket tend to have bigger area to accomodate the breasts. To tell the difference, for example you can pinch and trench the particular area of the crewneck jacket you are about to buy. When you feel like it is specially designed for your gender, you can proceed to purchasing it without worries.

3. Look at the details

The other easy way to tell the difference between men’s and women’s hoodies is by looking at the apparel’s details. For example, if you are looking at the leather jacket or varsity, the one for women will have more tailored and fitted feature. The stitching also usually comes curly or in floral form. As for the men custom jacket, it can happen that more elegant buttons like gold or silver buttons are sewed.

By following the tips from this article, you should not meet any more difficulties on choosing the right custom jacket for you. You can also share this experience to the ones you love to help them tell the differences.