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Circle Cover

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custom circle pillow 1

Round pillow with emoticon characters are already popular today. But there is less good material and in certain parts look rough. Motive was started boring. Different from the products we offer. Material that we provide that material axtatex print material model which is soft textured outer and inner materials.

Also you can use your own design. With characters that you can create yourself. The price is affordable does not drain the wallet, not in need of money that makes the wallet cry. No minimum order, we cater for the order unit. The process did not take a long time, we provide prompt service without forgetting our best quality.

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Size & Price List

Circle Pillow

custom circle pillow 2
Tollerance size +/- 3cm
Size Material of Axtatex
37 x 37 CM$159
Full Print Circle Pillow Cover
All Size
tutorial fullprint



Blend of polyester and spandex, has a flexibility of up to 5 % -6 %.

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and follow the shape of body
  • The color is matte
  • Texture soft material on both sides and comfort to use
  • Smooth on both sides

How to Order

  • For full print order, please download pattern that has been provided in drop down list below next to the size you want. (Make sure the downloaded pattern is newest pattern from us)
  • Using photoshop software, you can place your image into the pattern our provided.
  • Save as your file with .jpeg format and upload to your dropbox account.
  • Next you can proceed to order process with Order Now panel on the side.
  • The file size is relatively large, so you need photoshop application and dropbox to send us the pattern file.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in (+852)3706-8826 or email to .
  • Do not change the pattern, added, rotate or anything like that because it will effect the result of it. And we are not responsible for any different result.